Benefit of Miracle Method to Property Managers

With potential savings of up to 75% over the cost of replacement, surface refinishing makes good sense for property management companies. Whether it is called refinishing, resurfacing or reglazing, each of these terms refer to the process of restoring or upgrading existing porcelain, cultured marble, tile, fiberglass or laminate surface to a like-new state. Refinishing is an affordable solution to give impossible-to-clean bathtubs, ugly tile and outdated kitchen countertops a fresh look that turns potential renters into tenants.

Even though surface refinishing is not necessarily new to property managers, what’s new is a proven process that really works and is guaranteed for one year. Professional surface refinishing by Refinish First is not a quick fix but a proven restoration process that saves sellers money and allows property management companies to rent a home or apartment more quickly and for a better price. Refinish First not only saves property managers time and money, but also the hassle and mess of removal and replacement of bathroom fixtures.

New coatings for kitchen countertops, especially Refinish First’s finish, are very popular for property managers who want to give a home that makeover look without the expense of installing expensive solid surface countertops. Natural Accents looks and feels like stone, but costs significantly less.

Quality refinishing is a craft that requires the proper materials, extensive training and experience to provide consistent, high quality results… and high quality results will save you money in the long run. Not all surface refinishing is of the same quality—cheaper isn’t always better. With many maintenance quick fixes, a company will often wind up paying more when the first attempt fails. Paying to have the same tub refinished twice over a 12-month period because the first refinish peeled costs substantially more than having it done right the first time. In addition, if the new finish failed once, it will likely do so again.

If you are a property manager hoping to more quickly rent your property at a higher price, give us a call. Refinish First has become the preferred refinisher for property managers.