Renovation vs. Refinish Timeline

Renovating the bathroom is a large project that can take months depending on the materials used and how extensive the renovation will be. Instead of a complete renovation, consider letting Refinish First make over the room for a fraction of the cost and time.

With a renovation, the process starts with planning and creating a design or at least picking materials. Finding the right contractor also takes time. After deciding who and what they want, homeowners have to wait for the materials to be ordered and shipped. Depending on what they order it can take anywhere from five business days to eight weeks.

Each individual stage of the renovation will take one to two days, which can extend the construction to almost a month. If there are no problems with construction or the budget, everything will go smoothly, but problems frequently occur, extending the timeline.

For those who are happy with the layout of their bathroom, but are tired of the old, worn out, lifeless bathroom surfaces, Refinish First is a better option than renovating. Their refinishing process takes much less time, getting the bathroom back in use in no time.

For a standard bathtub, the process usually only takes three to five hours. After is cures, it is ready for use within 24 hours. For countertops and tile, the length of time depends on which finish homeowners choose. The solid color or speckled finish takes three to five hours, and again is ready within 24 hours. The stone finish, which mimics granite, takes two days to apply and additional time to cure.

Instead of possibly taking months, the bathroom can get an affordable upgrade in less than a week. With new surfaces it can look like a completely different room. Call Refinish First for a free estimate.


The Look of Granite without the Cost

Granite brings a luxurious feeling into the kitchen, but it can cost a pretty penny. Homeowners who are looking at installing granite countertops should think again. Refinish First can refinish existing countertops to look like granite, for a fraction of what real granite would cost.

Looking at the prices of granite, it costs $35 per square foot or more. It then has to be cut exactly to fit the counter, which can also add to the cost. In addition, homeowners have to pick the edging they want, which adds even more.

Refinish First offers stone finishes that mimic the look of granite, for less than the price of new laminate. They can refinish many different surfaces to look like granite including laminate, tile, solid surfaces and cultured marble.

Finding, ordering and installing granite countertops can take weeks. Refinish First can refinish countertops with a stone accent in two days. It then needs 24 to 48 hours to cure. Still a lot less time and mess than taking out an existing countertop and installing a brand new one.

Homeowners who are worried about refinishing because their current countertop is damaged shouldn’t stress about it. Refinish First makes repairs to the surface before refinishing it. They fix chips and cracks so that it looks brand new.

Get the granite look for less. Contact Refinish First for a free estimate.

5 Kitchen Trends for 2015

Thinking about spicing up the kitchen in 2015? Refinish those kitchen surfaces and try incorporating some of these trending kitchen looks.

  1. For those tired of white kitchens or using primary colors on walls, tribal inspired tones are making a splash this year. Taken from Moroccan and Native American palettes, these warm colors make the kitchen vibrant. Use mustard yellows, scarlet, royal blue or dusty pinks when decorating or painting the kitchen to incorporate the tribal design aspect.
  2. Less is more in 2015. People are now moving toward minimal wall cabinets to make the room feel more spacious. However, this comes with the price of possibly less storage in the kitchen. It would work great for a house with minimal tendencies.
  3. Stainless steel, silver and chrome have made their mark in the kitchen over the years. Bringing with them a new age, sleek feeling, that’s managed to stay around for quite a few years. Warmer metals will begin to take their place this year. Copper, gold and bronze bring a warmer, more luxurious and decadent feeling to the room. These could be incorporated with faucets, trims, or decorations.
  4. Instead of amazing islands or unique backsplashes, make the ceiling the statement piece. This can be achieved through lighting, the shape of the ceiling, embellishments and other features.
  5. Wallpaper comes and goes in phases when it comes to home decorating. In 2015 it will be used to create an added visual impact on the room. Choosing a wallpaper with a unique pattern to put in the kitchen could dress it up in a different way.

Get creative in the kitchen in 2015. If those counters are needing some work, give Refinish First a call.

New Year, New Kitchen

Organizing the home can be a fairly common New Year’s resolution, and is often needed after the holidays. If the kitchen is in a state of despair try some of these ideas to whip it back into shape.

Stash the Pots and Pans: Stacking them on top of each other means pulling out five different items when only the one on the bottom of the pile is needed. Trying installing a pot rack in an area where it could be out of the way, such as above an island. Or perhaps a pegboard on an open kitchen wall. Turning a cabinet into a pullout cabinet can be a great alternative as well. The dividers separate the pots and pans, making it convenient to get them in and out.

Tackle that Tupperware: Those plastic containers can quickly get out of control, causing an avalanche when the cabinet door opens. Separate and organize lids and containers by size and shape so they are much easier to stack. If a container is missing a lid or has become warped or badly stained, take the plunge and throw it out. Use containers to store the lids so they aren’t thrown about haphazardly and hard to find.

Spruce up the Spices: Throw away old spices and combine duplicate bottles to make more room. Organize it so the spices used less often are toward the back while the ones used more frequently are in the front.

Clear the Countertop: Appliances can take up an unnecessary amount of counter space, while hardly getting used. How often does that quesadilla press get used? What about that mini cupcake maker? If appliances do get used a decent amount, but not enough to be sitting out constantly, a nearby cupboard might be a better location. If they rarely get used, consider moving them to a basement or pantry area or even donating them. They’re just taking up valuable counter space.

Show off the China: Display pretty china or glassware on shelves or in cupboards with a glass front. This can simultaneously make the kitchen feel more open and display decorative pieces that have been hidden away. Displaying them on shelving can also make more room in the cupboards for appliances and other dishes.

Organizing the kitchen may seem like an impossible task, but once done it can bring a lot of stress relief into the home. Start the New Year with an organized and clutter free kitchen.

Quick Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations don’t need to cost $50,000. If homeowners are working with a small budget, simple things like repainting, new lighting, replacing hardware and refinishing surfaces can make a huge difference without going over budget.

When it comes to cabinets, pre-manufactured are the way to go when looking for a thrifty solution. Most can be installed by the homeowners if they feel up to the challenge. If replacing cabinets seems too much, repainting or staining them is another option. Changing out the hardware such as the hinges and handles can drastically improve the look as well.

Changing out window treatments, hardware, such as sink faucets, and lighting can be quick fixes for a new kitchen look. A change in the window treatments can lead to a whole new color palette in the kitchen or try lighter window treatments to bring more natural light in, giving it a brighter, and more open feeling.

Refinishing surfaces in the kitchen can transform it into a completely different kitchen. Putting in new countertops can be expensive and time-intensive. Refinish First can refinish the countertops for way less than replacing and leave them looking brand new. Want the look of granite without recreating the price tag? Refinish First can provide a granite look and their refinishing process leaves countertops durable and seamless.

Refinish First can also repair and refinish ceramic tile flooring. They have three standard solid colors as well as more than 30 stone accent finishes. Custom colors are also available. Along with refinishing tile, they can repair chips, cracks and missing grout. Refinishing tile also seals grout, making it last longer.

Small changes can make a huge difference in the kitchen. Even when working with a small budget there are options to create a beautiful kitchen. Refinishing is one of those options. For questions or a free estimate, contact Refinish First.

Organizing the Kitchen

When smaller kitchens lack a pantry, it can be a pain trying to fit cooking utensils and food into the limited amount of cupboard space available. Organizing a small space like this is crucial to getting the most out of it.

To start the process, clear everything out of the cupboards. Any pot, pan, baking dish or container that hasn’t been used in the last month or longer should be put on a top shelf or somewhere not as easily accessible. Because they don’t get used as often, having them readily available is unnecessary.

Spices can sit unused and forgotten in the cupboard for years. If the last recipe that called for a certain spice was used more than a couple years ago, it’s probably safe to throw it out. Unused spices can make it a huge mess trying to dig through the cupboard and find the right one. Spice racks can help open up cupboard space as well if there is counter space to spare.

Consolidate grains, flours and sugars if there happen to be multiple bags of each sitting around. Some of these could be put into plastic or decorative containers. This makes them easier to stack in the cupboard or display as a decoration on the counter.

Coffee cups seem to accumulate and multiply more than any other dish. If they’ve taken over more than one shelf, it might be time to cut down on the collection. Hang some of the most-used favorites on hooks as a decorative element and also an easy access point.

Plastic to-go containers are often thrown into a cupboard without care. This can make it difficult to find the right lids when you need them. Match up the containers with their lids. If a lid or container is missing from a set, get rid of it.   Then stack them by size before putting them back into the cupboard.

Decide where to put everything in relation to how it will get used. Separate items into different zones of the kitchen. In the food preparation zone, put knives, cutting boards, mixers, blenders, etc. This should be next to an open counter space, where all of the mixing and chopping will occur. Keep pots and pans in the cooking zone, next to the oven. In the dish/dishwashing zone, everyday dishes and utensils should be stored. Everything used for eating meals on a regular basis like napkins, salt and pepper shakers, serving bowls should be stored in the eating zone closest to the kitchen table.

The main idea of organizing kitchen cabinets is to bring what is most used to the forefront for accessibility. Reorganizing the whole kitchen can seem like a daunting task, but taking it step by step and having a plan of attack can help.