Refinishing Locker Rooms

With winter sports about to end and springs sports poised to start soon, it’s time to get those locker rooms in shape. Year round they take a beating from cleats, mud, and equipment, which can take a toll on locker room surfaces. Instead of a complete remodel, refinishing those surfaces can take much less time and cost a lot less.

Whether it is tile showers, floors, countertops or sinks, Refinish First has the job handled. They can transform a variety of surfaces including ceramic tile, porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic and more. Chipped tiles are repaired during the refinishing process. Missing grout is also replaced and then sealed.

Want to ramp up the school spirit in the locker room? Refinish the surfaces in school colors! Refinish First can match an existing color or create almost any custom color imaginable. Create a custom locker room feel while fixing any imperfections on the surfaces.

Refinish First has completed tile shower and locker room projects for Boise State University, Northwest Nazarene University and Brigham Young University Idaho. Contact them for a free estimate!


Colorful Ideas

White is a fairly traditional color for bathrooms, but can get stale and boring after a while. White also has a tendency to show dirt rather easily, compared to other colors. To give a sterile, white bathroom a jolt, add some color to it.

An obvious way to incorporate color into the bathroom is to paint the walls. This can completely change the vibe of the room. Small spaces, like bathrooms, are great for trying out a bold color because if it doesn’t turn out, it’s fairly easy to repaint. Choose a color to create a new feeling in the room. Blue is calming and could help with relaxing while get ready for bed while yellow is bright and energetic and could be helpful in feeling awake in the morning.

If painting seems like too much of an endeavor, putting small colorful items in the bathroom can brighten it up. Paintings, flowers, decorative vases and more can dress up a plain bathroom and make it visually appealing. Pick a color palette and go all out.

A more basic approach would be to invest in colorful towels, bath mats, window treatments and an interesting shower curtain. Bathrooms require all of these things, so replacing them with something colorful is practical as well as decorative.

If the white bathtub or shower has become old and dingy, maybe it’s time to refinish the surface. Refinish First can recreate that pure white color, or go in a more fun and creative direction. They can create almost any custom color and offer many stone finishes to glam up that boring bathroom.

Replacing vs. Refinishing in the Bathroom

When remodeling the bathroom, replacing or refinishing your bathtub can make a world of difference. When deciding whether replacing or refinishing is right for your bathroom remodel there are factors to consider such as labor, time, cost, and quality.

Refinishing takes significantly less labor than replacing a bathtub. Hiring a professional takes even less labor and will ensure the project turns out looking great. When replacing a tub it must be demolished and taken out. Flooring and pipes might have to be replaced as well. When refinishing, the tub stays where it is and so does everything else.

Replacing a tub can make the entire bathroom unusable and there could be unforeseen problems causing it to take longer than expected. With refinishing, the bathtub will only be out of commission less than 2 days, much less time than demolishing and replacing.

Having someone come in and replace your bath tub can also be costly. Refinishing is a less expensive alternative because it involves applying a new surface to the existing fixture and at Refinish First, our work comes with a guarantee! If you choose to have your bath tub professionally refinished, it often ends up being a higher quality than newer fixtures purchased in a store. Newer bath tubs aren’t made with the same quality material or craftsmanship as older models.

Refinishing your bath tub involves little to no labor on your part, takes less time, typically costs less than replacing and has a better quality. If you are interested in a bathroom remodel remember to Refinish First!

Refinish Don’t Reglaze or Replace Bathtubs

The term reglazing and refinishing a bathtub refer to a similar process (when people reference reglazing, they are generally talking about refinishing). Bathtubs are commonly made of porcelain. In order to literally reglaze your bathtub, would require a kiln to heat to exceedingly high temperatures. Given this is not practical for most residential applications, the process of refinishing is the best way to provide your bathroom with a new look at a fraction of the price of replacing your tub.

Frequently when people want a fresh look for the bathroom, they debate between refinishing an old tub and replacing the tub. What is often overlooked, however, is the cost of demolition and removal of the old tub when considering replacement. This process is definitely messy and can be quite expensive. What you end up with is a process that can total $3000 or more. This means that replacing your tub may involve a lot more than you think. Refinishing your tub can save you up to 75% over the cost of replacement. It takes about 3-5 hours to complete and will be ready to use in about 24 hours. During the process, we fill in any nicks or holes in your tub surface, then prime, seal and gloss-coat to give it the look of a brand new tub with a surface that will last for 15+ years.

Some of the other benefits of refinishing include:

  • We can match almost any color you choose.
  • You have the ability to save an antique or sentimental bathtub.
  • Replacing a bathtub is messy. Refinishing is not.
  • Resurfacing reduces your carbon footprint by reducing your input to the local landfill, making it an excellent green alternative.
  • It eliminates mold and mildew that may already be in your tub.
  • It creates an easy to clean surface.
  • Refinished tubs are very low maintenance.

Our bonding works on all types of bathtub materials, so we can refinish porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, cultured marble, and even clawfoot tubs. In short, our bathtub refinishing services can work for nearly every bathtub resurfacing project you have. If you are looking to find a new shine in your old bathtub contact Refinish First today!

Surprise your Valentine with Newly Refinished Master Bathroom

Surprise your Valentine with a newly upgraded bathroom and your sweetheart will fall in love again when he/she she sees how amazing the project looks. They’ll be even more impressed with how much you saved by calling Refinish First.  This is not only a great way to enhance the market value of your home, but also let your spouse know you were listening each time he or she complained about the old sink or countertop in your bathroom.

When it comes time to make a change, master bathrooms are usually at the top of a homeowners’ list of rooms to fix or renovate.  But the latest report from the 2014 Houzz Winter Bathroom Study reveals surprising trends about what people are choosing to include — or exclude, in some cases.

For example, more than half of the 7,500 people surveyed are saying goodbye to privacy when visiting the porcelain throne, choosing instead to leave their new master toilet exposed. However, homeowners 35 and older are more likely to keep their potty privacy.

Speaking of the potty, 91 percent of remodelers are selecting high-efficiency toilets for the remodel. And more than a quarter of young homeowners are eschewing the traditional two-piece model in favor of tankless or wall-mounted options.

Other interesting findings: Double sinks are on the rise so if you have those double sinks from the 70’s, you’ll be back in style in a jiffy with a new finish on them by Refinish First. Also, remodelers want to let in the light: 48 percent of respondents are adding a new window and 12 percent want a skylight. Some people are even spicing up the shower with LED lights in their showerheads.

Benefit of Miracle Method to Property Managers

With potential savings of up to 75% over the cost of replacement, surface refinishing makes good sense for property management companies. Whether it is called refinishing, resurfacing or reglazing, each of these terms refer to the process of restoring or upgrading existing porcelain, cultured marble, tile, fiberglass or laminate surface to a like-new state. Refinishing is an affordable solution to give impossible-to-clean bathtubs, ugly tile and outdated kitchen countertops a fresh look that turns potential renters into tenants.

Even though surface refinishing is not necessarily new to property managers, what’s new is a proven process that really works and is guaranteed for one year. Professional surface refinishing by Refinish First is not a quick fix but a proven restoration process that saves sellers money and allows property management companies to rent a home or apartment more quickly and for a better price. Refinish First not only saves property managers time and money, but also the hassle and mess of removal and replacement of bathroom fixtures.

New coatings for kitchen countertops, especially Refinish First’s finish, are very popular for property managers who want to give a home that makeover look without the expense of installing expensive solid surface countertops. Natural Accents looks and feels like stone, but costs significantly less.

Quality refinishing is a craft that requires the proper materials, extensive training and experience to provide consistent, high quality results… and high quality results will save you money in the long run. Not all surface refinishing is of the same quality—cheaper isn’t always better. With many maintenance quick fixes, a company will often wind up paying more when the first attempt fails. Paying to have the same tub refinished twice over a 12-month period because the first refinish peeled costs substantially more than having it done right the first time. In addition, if the new finish failed once, it will likely do so again.

If you are a property manager hoping to more quickly rent your property at a higher price, give us a call. Refinish First has become the preferred refinisher for property managers.

Winter Break is the Perfect Time to Fix Up University Bathrooms!

College dorms take a lot of abuse throughout the semester. After all, new students move in and out constantly. Bathrooms in particular suffer substantial wear and tear. For health and safety reasons, it’s important to update dorm bathrooms from time to time. An outdated and worn down bathroom isn’t going to help convince students to attend your school as they tour around. However, you don’t need to undergo a costly and time-consuming remodel to fix up your bathrooms—with Refinish First, we can refinish your bathrooms and give them an entirely new look within days.

Remodeling is an expensive option, especially when you take into account the number of bathrooms that need to be updated in your dorms. And when you’re working with a short timespan, refinishing is a superior choice to remodeling. Consider tile repair and refinishing using Refinish First. Refinishing your bathrooms won’t take long at all – we can get the job done during a short student break at a fraction of the cost of a remodel.

Also, consider the fact that refinishing bathrooms is more environmentally friendly since you’re continuing to get more use out of your bathroom fixtures, whereas with a remodeling project you’re sending your old fixtures to the landfill. We pride ourselves on being a green alternative to remodeling, as well as improving students’ experience in their dorms.