Renovation vs. Refinish Timeline

Renovating the bathroom is a large project that can take months depending on the materials used and how extensive the renovation will be. Instead of a complete renovation, consider letting Refinish First make over the room for a fraction of the cost and time.

With a renovation, the process starts with planning and creating a design or at least picking materials. Finding the right contractor also takes time. After deciding who and what they want, homeowners have to wait for the materials to be ordered and shipped. Depending on what they order it can take anywhere from five business days to eight weeks.

Each individual stage of the renovation will take one to two days, which can extend the construction to almost a month. If there are no problems with construction or the budget, everything will go smoothly, but problems frequently occur, extending the timeline.

For those who are happy with the layout of their bathroom, but are tired of the old, worn out, lifeless bathroom surfaces, Refinish First is a better option than renovating. Their refinishing process takes much less time, getting the bathroom back in use in no time.

For a standard bathtub, the process usually only takes three to five hours. After is cures, it is ready for use within 24 hours. For countertops and tile, the length of time depends on which finish homeowners choose. The solid color or speckled finish takes three to five hours, and again is ready within 24 hours. The stone finish, which mimics granite, takes two days to apply and additional time to cure.

Instead of possibly taking months, the bathroom can get an affordable upgrade in less than a week. With new surfaces it can look like a completely different room. Call Refinish First for a free estimate.


Caring for Refinished Surfaces

When Refinish First refinishes surfaces, it can extend the life of those surfaces 15 years or longer. During the process, they create a chemical bond between the old surface and the new surface, making it durable and lasting.

Refinished surfaces done by Refinish First can handle daily wear and tear. However, when cleaning original countertops and fixtures or refinished surfaces, avoid using cleaning products that contain abrasives, harsh acids, or bleach. These can cause the surface to become worn and dull. This is a mistake many people make when cleaning bathtubs, tile or countertops. Using the wrong cleaning products is a major source of damage to kitchen and surfaces.

Extend the life of worn bathroom and kitchen surfaces by letting Refinish First transform them.

The Heart of the Home

Most people would agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the location where families of all sizes gather together for food and fun and in many homes it’s the hotspot for homework too. It is often the focal point of the home used at both the beginning and ending of each day. Many people start out their day reading the paper while eating breakfast before work. After work, people come home and cook, eat dinner and catch up with family in the same place.

Guests are always impressed when shown a beautiful kitchen. They aren’t always as impressed with a newly renovated bathroom or freshly painted bedroom. A beautiful kitchen pulls focus from the rest of the house. Perhaps this is because it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but serves a much needed function as well.

The kitchen is also important when selling a house. Location and functionality are important aspects homebuyers look at when choosing a house. Streamlined, modern kitchens are becoming more desirable and kitchens that have an open layout are more popular than ever before. The kitchen has become a place to socialize instead of just prepare a meal.

Many newer kitchens now come with islands. This brings the countertop into the spotlight. An old, scratched, chipped countertop can make any kitchen look old and dingy. Homeowners don’t have to do a complete kitchen renovation to fix this issue. Countertops can be refinished to look brand new and last many more years. It’s a much more affordable option for making those countertops the star of the kitchen.

While not only being more affordable, refinishing countertops takes less time than a renovation, in which they are completely replaced. Homeowners can be back in the kitchen a lot sooner. Refinishing is also a good option for those wishing to sell their home. Since the kitchen has become such an important part of buying a home, refinishing the countertops, and even floors, can help sell the home faster and for a better price.

Refinish First has been refinishing and repairing surfaces in the Treasure Valley since 2008. They can refinish any countertops made of laminate, Formica, tile, solid surfaces, tile and cultured marble. Refinish First can match an existing color, create almost any existing color and also offer a stone look in many varieties and textures.

Homeowners who want to update their kitchen, or are getting ready to sell, should consider Refinish First. They can make the most important room in the house shine.

Refinish Don’t Reglaze or Replace Bathtubs

The term reglazing and refinishing a bathtub refer to a similar process (when people reference reglazing, they are generally talking about refinishing). Bathtubs are commonly made of porcelain. In order to literally reglaze your bathtub, would require a kiln to heat to exceedingly high temperatures. Given this is not practical for most residential applications, the process of refinishing is the best way to provide your bathroom with a new look at a fraction of the price of replacing your tub.

Frequently when people want a fresh look for the bathroom, they debate between refinishing an old tub and replacing the tub. What is often overlooked, however, is the cost of demolition and removal of the old tub when considering replacement. This process is definitely messy and can be quite expensive. What you end up with is a process that can total $3000 or more. This means that replacing your tub may involve a lot more than you think. Refinishing your tub can save you up to 75% over the cost of replacement. It takes about 3-5 hours to complete and will be ready to use in about 24 hours. During the process, we fill in any nicks or holes in your tub surface, then prime, seal and gloss-coat to give it the look of a brand new tub with a surface that will last for 15+ years.

Some of the other benefits of refinishing include:

  • We can match almost any color you choose.
  • You have the ability to save an antique or sentimental bathtub.
  • Replacing a bathtub is messy. Refinishing is not.
  • Resurfacing reduces your carbon footprint by reducing your input to the local landfill, making it an excellent green alternative.
  • It eliminates mold and mildew that may already be in your tub.
  • It creates an easy to clean surface.
  • Refinished tubs are very low maintenance.

Our bonding works on all types of bathtub materials, so we can refinish porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, cultured marble, and even clawfoot tubs. In short, our bathtub refinishing services can work for nearly every bathtub resurfacing project you have. If you are looking to find a new shine in your old bathtub contact Refinish First today!

Renew by Refinishing Sinks and Bathtubs

How often do you look into your kitchen sink or bathtub only to have the chipped spot be the first thing you notice? Whether the sink or tub is clean or dirty, the worn spot (or spots) draws your eye to the area in need of attention. Even though you have lovingly maintained your home, chipping occurs on porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, tile or cultured stone. After a material chips, it grows and takes more and more attention (mostly away from what you want to be thinking about).

Why not give your kitchen or bathroom the makeover it needs? A great solution is resurfacing with Refinish First. If you want to change the color or texture, this is the perfect time. The image above shows a tub resurfaced to resemble stone. If you prefer a different finish, Refinish First can match almost any color. In addition to refinishing, why not repaint which dramatically improves rooms? With resurfacing and paint, in no time at all you can create a brand new room.

A new surface will improve the longevity of the tub, sink or shower by providing layers that hold up to constant wear. If you think you or someone else in your household could benefit from a slip resistant surface, then this is the perfect time to add a nonstick surface while the rest of the area is being improved. Everyone, especially children and the elderly, is vulnerable to surfaces that are slippery. In fact, most bathroom accidents are slips, which are easily avoided with the proper surface, or if needed, a walk-in tub. Refinish First has solutions for color, texture, accessibility and safety needs when it comes to bathrooms. Ask us for a free resurfacing estimate.

Let us help reinvigorate your bath or kitchen area.

Why You Should Consider Surface Refinishing

Surface refinishing is a fast and cost effective makeover alternative to replacing a bathtub, countertop or tile that is worn out, damaged, hard to clean, or simply the wrong color. You’ll save thousands of dollars and avoid days or even weeks of demolition mess and costly replacement.

What kind of repairs can you make?

Bathtub repair can be performed on many types of tubs including porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic or marble. We can even repair chips and cracks. Have your countertops been accidentally scorched or chipped by a sharp knife? We can fix that too! Tiles that have been chipped and missing grout can also be repaired before refinishing.

How long does it take?

A standard size bathtub, in reasonable condition, takes only 3 to 5 hours for Refinish First to refinish. The tub will typically be ready to use within 24 hours, or even sooner with our special curing procedures.

How long will the new finish last?

With proper care and maintenance, Refinish First refinishing can extend the useful life of your fixtures for up to 15-20 years or more. These finishes are designed to stand up to daily use and do not require special care.

Will the surface look painted?

The deep gloss of a Refinish First refinished bathtub resembles new porcelain.  A Refinish First refinished countertop resembles new laminate or natural stone depending on which Refinish First finish you select. Most people will have a difficult time telling any difference between a Refinish First refinished countertop and a newly installed laminate or solid surface countertop.

What makes Refinish First’s refinishing process superior?

The combination of diligent preparation, our proprietary MM-4 bonding agent, advanced coatings and final detailing sets Refinish First apart from all other surface refinishers. The original surface is always completely cleaned and surface scratches and chips are filled and repaired. Next the surface is treated with MM-4, a unique proprietary bonding agent, which creates a molecular bond between the cleaned surface and the new coating. No other company uses all these steps and the one-of-a-kind MM-4 bonding agent. We offer superior adhesion, superior finish & feel, superior craftsmanship, superior service, superior reputation and track record, superior materials and superior procedures and techniques. Learn more about the Refinish First refinishing process on our website.

A Short History of the Bath

Enjoying a hot, steamy bath after a long day at work is a luxury that’s been enjoyed by people for centuries. For the Romans, baths were a way of life. By the early fifth century, there were as many as 900 baths in Rome alone. However, bathing in the Roman Empire was not the private activity as we know it today. Baths were a central part of the community, places where Romans gathered to eat, listen to a philosopher, exercise or even get their teeth cleaned. The Japanese still practice communal bathing in onsens, or hot springs.

When the Roman Empire fell, however, the aqueducts they used to supply water to the baths fell into disrepair and went unused for centuries. While public bathhouses existed in the Middle Ages, Christian scrutiny of communal bath practices and fear of the Black Death put an end to communal bathing. Though baths moved inside, a shortage of wood for heating water meant a scarcity of baths for common folk.  The fear of bathing gradually faded away as the Renaissance ushered in greater scientific knowledge and awareness about disease and by the 1700s, bathing was once again considered to be healthy. In colonial America, bathing still largely meant sponging off, though wooden tubs were occasionally used for a thorough wash.

Toward the end of the 18th century in Williamsburg, St. George Tucker installed the first copper tub recorded by the city. It wasn’t until the 1840s in America that architects added a specific room called “bath-room” to house plans, which meant that fixed plumbing would eventually be installed in that room. However, for a very long time, well into the 1920s in rural places, tubs were moved into the kitchen and filled with warm water. Everyone would take turns getting a bath, starting with the father. Harriet Beecher Stowe, who wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin in the 19th century, dreamed that one day Americans might have one bathroom for every three or four bedrooms.

In 2012, 30% of new homes built had 3 or more bathrooms, a luxury American colonists could hardly have imagined. But when bathrooms were fewer in number and hot water was not as plentiful, bathing was a luxury. That luxury is reflected in the beautiful craftsmanship of the clawfoot tub, which made its debut in 1883. Even many modern bathrooms today proudly feature the classic design of the clawfoot tub as the focal point of a newly remodeled bathroom. And now that showers have become so commonplace in our fast-moving culture, taking a bath is once again a luxury that few of us take the time to indulge in.

If your bathroom makes you want to get in and get out as quickly as possible, it might be time for a Refinish First bathroom makeover so you can once again enjoy the luxury of a relaxing bath. There’s nothing quite like sinking into an old clawfoot tub filled with bubbles. However, if that antique tub looks as old as it is, think about refinishing it with Refinish First. We can restore your antique clawfoot tub to its former glory. Give us a call. Your bubble bath’s waiting.