Refinishing Locker Rooms

With winter sports about to end and springs sports poised to start soon, it’s time to get those locker rooms in shape. Year round they take a beating from cleats, mud, and equipment, which can take a toll on locker room surfaces. Instead of a complete remodel, refinishing those surfaces can take much less time and cost a lot less.

Whether it is tile showers, floors, countertops or sinks, Refinish First has the job handled. They can transform a variety of surfaces including ceramic tile, porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic and more. Chipped tiles are repaired during the refinishing process. Missing grout is also replaced and then sealed.

Want to ramp up the school spirit in the locker room? Refinish the surfaces in school colors! Refinish First can match an existing color or create almost any custom color imaginable. Create a custom locker room feel while fixing any imperfections on the surfaces.

Refinish First has completed tile shower and locker room projects for Boise State University, Northwest Nazarene University and Brigham Young University Idaho. Contact them for a free estimate!


Current Trends in Toilets

You might think toilets are a pretty standard design and rarely change; however, innovation is alive and well in toilet development. Designers have gotten creative by lowering water use, offering nice options and trying unique designs.

In terms of reducing water use, in 1975 the average toilet in Japan needed 13 liters to flush. Today, on average, it takes 4.8 liters. However, the cutting edge toilets have gotten as low as 1.3 liters a flush. The Japanese have focused on the technology in toilets and certainly are leading the way but all toilet manufacturers are focusing on lowering water use.


This toilet lid opens as a person approaches and closes as someone leaves. Less contact with a toilet seat is always a good thing.



This toilet lights up at night for safety.



This toilet suds up between uses.



This is a “touchless” toilet by Kohler. As you can see in the picture, holding a hand over the sensor on top of the toilet makes it flush. Easy and clean.



This wall mounted Geberit DuoFresh system extracts odors, runs them through a carbon filter then blows the clean air back into the room.



Other toilets on the market include heated seats and temperature controlled bidets set by the user. Some are designed to be less obvious such as designs that look like chairs or cabinets when not in use.