Replacing vs. Refinishing

Bathtubs are subject to all sorts of stains and marks that just don’t come off even after hours of scrubbing. Homeowners really only have two options when deciding what to do with an embarrassingly stained bathtub. They can completely replace it, or they can refinish it.

When making this decision, the most important factor is cost. Replacing a bathtub can get costly, depending on the type and the labor required for the project. The cost for just the new tub can vary between $400 and $1,000 depending on the type. Labor is usually $200-$400 and takes about five hours. Don’t forget other materials like fittings for around $40 or debris disposal which is usually around $20.

Refinishing a bathtub with Refinish First can save up to 75 percent on the cost of replacement. It will look just like a brand new tub, without that new tub cost. They can refinish many bathtub surfaces including porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic and marble.

It typically takes 3 to 5 hours to refinish a bathtub and it is ready to use the next day. Homeowners don’t have to worry about additional damage to their bathroom like they would with a bathtub replacement. There is no demolition necessary, no debris left behind.

If homeowners have a damaged bathtub, or just want to change the color, they should give Refinish First a call. They can be in and out in no time!


Refinishing Sunroom Flooring

Sunrooms, or four-season rooms are a great way to enjoy the weather without sitting outside. They are the perfect area to entertain when the weather is nice and the sun shines through the windows.

Many sunrooms have ceramic tile floors to give the space more of a glamorous, resort-type feel. Ceramic tile flooring is also easier to keep clean than carpet, making it a common choice for these rooms. However, because sunrooms obviously experience a lot of sun, the tile can fade and the grout can begin to crumble. Instead of replacing the entire floor, let Refinish First make them look brand new for a fraction of the cost and time of a renovation.

While refinishing the tile, they also fix, replace and seal damaged grout. Homeowners looking to refinish the ceramic tile floors in their sunroom or four-season room have many options when it comes to choosing a color. Refinish First can match any existing color and create countless custom colors. They also offer a variety of stone accent finishes for those who are wanting something more than a solid color.

When Refinish First refinishes ceramic tile flooring, they aren’t removing anything. This makes the process faster than replacing the flooring all together. They can get the project done in a few days, letting homeowners and their guests get back to enjoying the sunroom faster.

Homeowners shouldn’t let old, faded flooring keep them from using and entertaining in their sunroom. Contact Refinish First for a free estimate.