Fall Cleaning

Fall is an important time to clean and organize the house. The children are back in school and winter is fast approaching. Use that spring cleaning checklist, with a few more chores added on to make sure the house is prepared for the cold winter months ahead.

Wash the windows and window treatments. With the windows open all summer long, dust can accumulate a thick coating on the blinds. Walls also need a good scrubbing after being exposed to the elements during summer months. Vacuum the carpets and wash all the hardwood or linoleum flooring in the house.

For the kitchen, reorganizing the cupboards can really help take the stress out of preparing for holiday meals. Discard old Tupperware and other items as needed. By reorganizing, it will take the guess work out of finding items needed for cooking holiday meals and dishes can be returned to the original owner if they were kept from last year’s festivities. Also go through the pantry. Items such as sugar and flour get used more during fall and winter when baking, so make sure there are plenty of each stocked up.

Check on the furnace filter, it may need to be replaced before the furnace can be turned on. Also if there is a chimney in the house, have it inspected and swept before winter arrives. Check the weather stripping around doors and windows so the cold air stays out. Clean and store patio furniture away until next summer.

When the cold weather starts to hit, get the winter linens out of storage and change the bedding throughout the house. Get blankets and winter clothing out of storage as well. Make sure the guest rooms are prepared for company. Flip mattresses if needed and fluff pillows.

If planning on entertaining during the holidays, refinish the surfaces around the house so they look like new. If the sinks, counters or bathtubs need an update, call Refinish First.


Fall Décor Ideas

Autumn is easily many people’s favorite time of year. The leaves change colors, the air gets crisp and everything pumpkin flavored comes out. Here are some ideas on how to bring the feeling of fall into the home.

What fresh flowers are to spring and summer, wheat stalks and pumpkins are to fall. Replace that vase of flowers in the bathroom with pumpkins and gourds. There are tutorials online about how to preserve them for decorating purposes. Painting them can be a fun craft idea and gives them an added visual appeal. Or put some wheat stalks in a flower vase for a simpler touch of fall.

For the kitchen, paint the pumpkins and gourds before placing them on a tea or cake stand on the counter or table.

Candles, a staple in many bathrooms, should be switched out with the seasons. There are numerous autumn scents to choose from, such as apple cider, pumpkin, candy corn, cranberry, cinnamon and more. Make a decorative piece with them to put on a cute tray in the bathroom. Try putting one in a vase surrounded by acorns or candy corn.

In both the kitchen and bathroom, change out the towels to autumn colors. Oranges, browns and burgundies are good choices.

Buy or make fall themed place mats and a table runner for when having guests over. It’s a simple way to add a touch of fall without unnecessarily taking up room with big decorations.

There are many options when it comes to decorating for fall. Just think warm and cozy!