Start Summer Off Right with Your Camper or Boat

The summer heat is upon us in full force and that means it’s camping and boating season. Is your camper or boat looking a little worn down? Let us help! One way to bring it back to life is to let Refinish First refinish the hard surfaces in your boat or camper.

Your boat’s hard surfaces can take a beating from harsh exposure to the sun. Refinishing the surfaces can make it look brand new. Campers, our home away from home in the mountains, aren’t nearly as durable as a real home. Counters and sinks can chip easily and become damaged. The resurfacing process by Refinish First can quickly repair those chips and scratches and get you back to the great outdoors.

Need a new look for your boat or camper? Refinish it instead of buying a brand new toy. Refinishing can save you money so that you can gas up and go places with your newly resurfaced boat or camper. Refinish First can transform multiple surfaces from porcelain and fiberglass to laminate, tile and more.

Refinishing can also come in handy if you are looking to trade in your older model for a new one. By fixing those cracks and scratches, you’re likely to get a better trade-in deal.

If you’re looking to spruce up your boat or camper before your next vacation, contact Refinish First.