Floating Shelves

Looking for a way to display decorative pieces in the bathroom? Try using floating shelves. They come in many different sizes and colors to work in any bathroom. They can be arranged and hung at different heights for taller or shorter decorative pieces too.

Put towels, miniature soaps, lotions, and candles on floating shelves to make the bathroom feel like a spa for guests. Space them out a little farther and add a vase with flowers for a pop of color and fresh scent.

Floating shelves can be bought in triangle shapes to stick in corners for bathrooms without much open wall space. This way decorations can still be added to spice up a bland bathroom, without taking up a bunch of space. Another option is to go L-shaped in a bathroom with more space. These shelves fit into corners, but offer long areas on either side to put decorative items for a more dimensional look.

For bathrooms with the classic beach theme, use chunkier, bare wood shelves to tie in the theme. The thicker the shelf, the heavier the items put on them, such as large seashells or heavy vases and containers.

For a more eccentric and eye-catching style, get shelves of varying lengths and stack them diagonally, instead of right on top of one another. This can create a collage of sorts when pieces are placed on them.

It can be hard to find room to display decorative pieces in the bathroom, especially if there isn’t much space. Floating shelves can help remedy this problem, while not taking up more room than necessary.


5 Tips to Make Small Bathrooms Feel Larger

Small bathrooms can be made to feel even smaller depending on how they are decorated or designed. Here are a few design tips to make a small bathroom feel larger than it really is:

  • Using lighter colors can make the room feel more open. Darker colors can make a room feel cave-like and cramped. This is especially true if the ceiling is painted a darker color.
  • Keep extra bathroom counter space by skipping that second sink. As luxurious it might feel to have two sinks in the bathroom, especially the master bath, it can cramp much needed counter space. The counter is used more when getting ready in the morning than the sink, so having more counter space than sink space is practical.
  • If more bathroom storage is needed, try adding a medicine cabinet above the toilet. That space is hardly ever used for anything except decorations, so why not turn it into a functional space. Many of the wall units have small shelves below the storage area for your decorations too.
  • Mirrors make rooms feel larger, so don’t be afraid to put a large one above the sink. They give the illusion of depth and reflect light, both natural and artificial, to make the room brighter.
  • Install a glass shower door instead of a curtain. It will give the room a more open feel because it doesn’t block off a section of the room.

Need a lighter color for the bathroom countertop, bathtub or tile? Contact Refinish First to lighten up the surfaces in the bathroom.

Beauty Product Storage Ideas

Beauty products can take up a lot of room in the bathroom and just look messy. However, there are some unique ways to store and display these so they not only look pretty, but are also functional.

Perfume can be displayed on a spice rack or cake stand for easy access and a decorative piece. Fill a flower vase or mason jar with beads or coffee beans and stick makeup brushes in it. Coffee beans will fill the room with a delicious aroma and it will be easier to find the correct brush. If counter space is limited, try putting makeup and brushes into an old pencil case or a utensil tray in a drawer.

A magazine rack could be a great place to house curling irons and straighteners to avoid a tangled mess. Other options include hooks or a hanging shoe organizer. If multiple hair product bottles adorn the counter, try putting them in a wine rack. Makeup palettes can also be organized in a desk file organizer.

Digging around to find a certain shade of eye shadow can be frustrating but they will be much easier to sort through if they are on display. Attaching magnets to makeup compacts and sticking them to a decorative metal board hung on a wall frees up some counter space while adding a unique embellishment. Magnetic strips also work great for pesky bobby pins.

There are many creative uses for everyday items that can help transform the bathroom from a messy disaster to an organized oasis. Share some of your unique bathroom decorating on our Facebook page or on our Pinterest page.

Change Up the Bathroom

Another room in the house that could use a little love is the bathroom. Bathroom remodels can take a lot of time and money, but you don’t always have to spend a lot of either to create a new look in that outdated bathroom.

Painting the walls can be the first step toward a new bathroom look. You can find a color that inspires a whole theme or go for a basic color and create a pattern on the walls. Different colors bring different responses. Go with blue for a feeling of peace and tranquility or green or a nature inspired look.

Update the flooring. While this can be a long process or spendy, there are less expensive alternatives, like refinishing old tile.

Up the style of that plain, boring mirror with a border or put a frame around it. Depending on the size you can get one from a craft or thrift store or get a frame kit made for this type of project.

Paint your vanity a different color and refinish the countertop and sink. Doing this can make it seem like you tore out the old one and replaced it with something new, but it will cost you way less. Add wall sconces or strip lights to brighten the place up and add a decorative touch.

Ditch the flat mirror for a medicine cabinet and mirror combo. These can come in many styles and finishes to suit your theme. Storage is always welcome in the bathroom, especially a small one.

Adding pictures can always bring an interesting focal point into the bathroom. Choose pictures that go with your theme or vibe like scenery shots of the beach for a beach or tropical theme.

With a few coats of paint and inspiration you can change up that boring, old bathroom into whatever you want, light, vibrant or cool and relaxed. Make sure to get in touch with experts like Refinish First if you’re wanting to refinish any surfaces.

Maximize Bathroom Storage

Some bathrooms come with few storage options. If this sounds like your bathroom, you’re in luck. There are a few options out there to help maximize your storage without completely renovating the bathroom.

A good place to start would be shelving. Try hanging a wall-shelving unit to organize your toiletries or towels. Or if you’re really cramped for space, try an over-the-toilet storage option. They fit in a space that is already occupied by the toilet and can come in an open or closed style. Medicine cabinets are another way to hide personal items in the bathroom. Ditch the mirror and install a medicine cabinet that has a mirror on it. They are usually fairly easy to install.

If you’re looking for a more expensive option that is sure to add value to your home, put in a nice vanity. Installing one of these can be helpful, especially if you have a pedestal sink with no storage underneath.

Now that you’ve added some shelving options, it’s time to start organizing. Hang a hook on the back of the door for wet towels. If the bathroom is shared by multiple family members, assign each a shelf or drawer. Hair dryers, straighteners and curling irons take up a lot of room. You can buy a hanger for the wall or make one yourself using PVC pipe. This will eliminate clutter on counters or taking up an entire drawer to store these appliances.

Be creative and use baskets, boxes or other unique items to help you keep your bathroom clutter free.