Decorating the Guest Bathroom

Guest bathrooms can be pretty plain. Instead of throwing some mismatched towels on the towel racks and a dollar store soap bottle on the counter, try some different decorating ideas to make them feel more welcome.

The first step in freshening up the guest bathroom and making guests feel welcome is to deep clean it. Get rid of rust and grime that can build up on surfaces and faucets. If the bathroom is in need of a surface update, whether it be the counters, bathtub or shower, Refinish First can help make them look like new.

If the storage cupboard isn’t being fully utilized, take the door off and make it open shelving. Then add soaps, towels and other amenities on the shelves or quaint stands or trays like in a hotel bathroom. Another option is to make a nice tray for the counter or back of the toilet if the cupboard is in use. Have loofahs, toothpaste and other small items they may have forgotten to pack available.

Switching out boring beige or white walls for a brighter color can really change the mood. Add stencils or wall decals for some visual interest. Bright colors can wake up a room and add to the décor without too much effort.

Fluffy towels are an easy way to make the bathroom feel luxurious and make guests appreciative when they step out of the shower. Pair this with aromatherapy candles for a little spa experience.

Fresh flowers are another great way to bring life to any room. They exude a fresh floral aroma and add a touch of nature. Change types of flowers with the seasons or match them to the existing decorations.

Make sure not to crowd the space with too many decorative items, a few small things can transform a room. Start with the basics and make sure the shower surfaces and countertops are in good shape. From there, find a little inspiration and have fun creating a B & B style guest bathroom.


What does your bathroom say about you?


For being such a personal space, the bathroom is subject to a lot of foot traffic. Your bathroom gives off an impression. So, what does your bathroom say about you?

Not only the design, but also the cleanliness say something about the type of person you are. If you have an unkempt and dirty bathroom people will think you aren’t hygienic and don’t take pride in your home. A clean, well-stocked guest bathroom shows that you try to make guests feel comfortable and welcome.

A rustic bathroom shows your guests that you’re warm and a little old-fashioned in that you respect your elders and have good manners. The warm hues in a rustic bathroom can make your guests feel right at home.

A classic, white and bright bathroom sends the signal that you enjoy the simple things in life. You’re a tidy, organized person who doesn’t need lavish things.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is the luxurious, spa-like bathroom. You enjoy the finer things in life and believe everyone else should too. You have exquisite countertops, a heated floor and the softest towels money can buy. Guests are wowed and feel pampered when they leave this bathroom.

Send the right message with your bathroom. Contact Refinish First today and let us help you create the look to match your personality.

Refinish Don’t Reglaze or Replace Bathtubs

The term reglazing and refinishing a bathtub refer to a similar process (when people reference reglazing, they are generally talking about refinishing). Bathtubs are commonly made of porcelain. In order to literally reglaze your bathtub, would require a kiln to heat to exceedingly high temperatures. Given this is not practical for most residential applications, the process of refinishing is the best way to provide your bathroom with a new look at a fraction of the price of replacing your tub.

Frequently when people want a fresh look for the bathroom, they debate between refinishing an old tub and replacing the tub. What is often overlooked, however, is the cost of demolition and removal of the old tub when considering replacement. This process is definitely messy and can be quite expensive. What you end up with is a process that can total $3000 or more. This means that replacing your tub may involve a lot more than you think. Refinishing your tub can save you up to 75% over the cost of replacement. It takes about 3-5 hours to complete and will be ready to use in about 24 hours. During the process, we fill in any nicks or holes in your tub surface, then prime, seal and gloss-coat to give it the look of a brand new tub with a surface that will last for 15+ years.

Some of the other benefits of refinishing include:

  • We can match almost any color you choose.
  • You have the ability to save an antique or sentimental bathtub.
  • Replacing a bathtub is messy. Refinishing is not.
  • Resurfacing reduces your carbon footprint by reducing your input to the local landfill, making it an excellent green alternative.
  • It eliminates mold and mildew that may already be in your tub.
  • It creates an easy to clean surface.
  • Refinished tubs are very low maintenance.

Our bonding works on all types of bathtub materials, so we can refinish porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, cultured marble, and even clawfoot tubs. In short, our bathtub refinishing services can work for nearly every bathtub resurfacing project you have. If you are looking to find a new shine in your old bathtub contact Refinish First today!

What to Know When Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom is wonderful in concept and certainly provides amazing results. It is also very easy to spend far more than you intend while turning what you hoped would be a problem solving project into a time consuming and expensive undertaking.

Another option instead of removing everything down to the studs is to work with what you have and add where you can. Leaving a bathtub/shower in place and resurfacing is far more affordable than removing. When you decide to remove something big like a bathtub or shower, you need to address framing whatever you hope to add back into the space which means properly installing new waterproof backers like green board and caulking which is time consuming and expensive. What you don’t see behind the new tub/shower, will cost as much or more than what you do end up seeing and using. If you want a bright, clean shower, then get it resurfaced, rather than starting over.

If you decide to do a full remodel; changing plumbing, walls or electrical wiring, you may need design assistance and may even require special permits. All of this takes time and money. It is much more affordable to leave everything in the original place and change finishes. Adding new finishes will give you the fresh new look you crave.

Another important consideration when it comes to full remodels is the demolition required. Many elements need to be removed and hauled off to the land fill. Either you take the time to remove everything or you hire someone to remove the old to make way for the new. Then, you either need to haul the debris in a trailer and pay for the disposal yourself or rent a dumpster and pay that fee. No matter how you choose to get rid of demolished materials, there are cost and time consequences.

If you have a tile floor, why not get it refinished? When Refinish First refinishes tile, all issues like cracks and chips are repaired, then coatings are placed over the top. The final product looks like new, is whatever color you want and is as strong as a new floor. When you resurface a floor, you avoid the cost of removal and get a great new floor. This is a fantastic way to save time and money.

What do you have for a bathroom counter? If it is porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, tile or cultured stone, we can resurface it in the color of your choice. This transforms the counter at a much reduced price. Maybe change the mirror, lighting and towel bar to continue the transformation.

When you decide to refinish and resurface your bathroom, you end up with a new room for a far more affordable price than replacing. Maybe you’ll want to use the money you save to buy everything you want to decorate the room and more. Why not have Refinish First provide a free resurfacing estimate and compare the price to a full remodel?

Let Us Help Your Gym Look Like New

How is the locker room at your gym? Is it out of date and tired? Please tell the management about Refinish First.

Often gym owners and managers have so much on their minds that bathroom remodels are not on the top of the list. In fact, when they walk in the bathrooms, they might be distracted enough that they don’t even notice the broken tiles they walked over or cracked counters where they washed their hands. This is where you can help.

In this case, please let the owners know Refinish First can come in and refinish ceramic tile, laminate, Formica, Corian, Silestone and cultured marbled surfaces. Most surfaces can have their life extended with resurfacing.  In addition to extending the life and improving appearance, the new surface will be much more resilient to constant use. It is a great return on investment. Refinishing costs less than new construction, but provides a result that is as good as new.

At Refinish First we know many people do not pursue remodels because of the time and expense involved. But there are more reasons to choose Refinish First. We always cost less than normal remodeling projects because no demolition is involved. We typically repair and rebuild. As a result, less material is needed, which means it is less expensive. In addition to costing less than a full remodeling project, it is much faster. If it is a big enough project, additional staff are put on the job so that it can be completed quickly. We know time is money and want to and keep the business running as smoothly as possible during the refinishing process.

The best reason to update the gym is the fresh feeling it gives to the entire facility. Resurfacing injects spaces with a newness that everyone will enjoy. New, clean and bright are always in style. Let Refinish First know if your gym is a candidate for an update. We appreciate your referrals.

Yes, You can Refinish Tile Floors…and you should.

Does your bathroom tile floor drive you crazy? Every time you take a shower do you wish the dirty grout would go away or fix itself? Wouldn’t that be nice? Guess what, it is totally possible and we can make this wish come true.

It is really easy to refinish your floor and deal with all that is annoying. It is the perfect opportunity to address stains, mold, broken tile, elevation unevenness, cracks and colors that you want replaced. When you get a tile floor refinished, Refinish First comes in and takes care of all these challenges and final coatings.

The actual floor refinishing begins with a high tech coating application right over the existing tile. On top of this layer a hard acrylic coat is applied. You end up with a long lasting finish that is easy to clean and brand new. All the annoying grout lines are sealed up. Wahoo! All this and the process is far more economical than removing an existing floor.

Our most popular finishes are from a stone finish collection that features many attractive options. You’ll have the opportunity to select something that reflects a palette you like and works with existing elements. However, while your floor is being resurfaced, it’s the ideal time to refinish the tub and counter surfaces as well. Have Refinish First give you a free estimate to resurface any or all parts of your bathroom.



Change blah bathroom counters into fun and fabulous

Whether you’re moving into a new home, decorating after refinishing, or just feeling the need for change, a bare vanity does a poor job at hiding itself. Nothing like lots of blank counter to scream out, “I am naked and need company.”

There are so many wonderful ways to make a vanity more inviting to a homeowner and guest: soaps, candles, lotions, potions, soap dishes or dispensers and towels. Ideally a visit to a bathroom vanity is a pleasant experience. We want our guests to feel welcome and as occupants we want to feel we have what we need put together attractively.

We want guests to be able to clean their hands with a nice soap, then have a way, other than their pants, to make them dry. We determine if it is going to be a pump soap out of plastic or if we want to invest in a unique dispenser. Often an interesting soap dish dictates the need for bar soap. For this there are an endless number of soaps available that can be very attractive and fragrant. A beautiful soap can make us feel like we are living in the lap of luxury. Coupling the soap with a fragrant candle and lotion, creates a bit of decadence.

Once the soap situation is determined, there is a need for a hand towel. Do you have towels you like or are you going to pick out something new? Offering something soft and absorbent is comforting when you are visiting a home and lovely when you live there. There is nothing like feeling the softness of a nice towel before setting off to the next thing.

Does that perfect hand towel have a home? Is the counter large enough that folding a few and setting them right on the counter is an attractive option? If there isn’t counter space, which is usually the case, choose a towel bar or hook that looks nice with the faucet and lighting. It gives the towel a place to live which is far better than sitting in a heap on top of the toilet.

One often overlooked option is a plant. Putting something living, which may or may not be green, adds a bit of vitality and cleans some of the air. It can be a nice design element that is purely for aesthetics. Nice silk flower or plant arrangements can also brighten the space and allow for easy season changes.

When you are ready to refinish your vanity counter and any other floor or counter surfaces, contact Refinish First for a free resurfacing estimate.