Vintage Bathroom with a Colored Bathtub

Vintage bathrooms are all about fun colors. In the 1950’s and 1960’s interior decorators used a lot of pastels. This trend also carried over to bathroom decorating, where bathtubs escaped the normal white shade and went lavender, yellow, aqua, pink, and green.

Homeowners can use these colors to create a vintage-inspired bathroom. With a pink, blue or lavender bathtub, homeowners can design a spa-like bathroom by making it the focal point of the room. To do this, use a variety of white shades for the rest of the bathroom.

For a more classic feel, mix traditional features with a yellow, mint green or pink bathtub. Pink and green or blue and yellow were common color combinations back then. Add a pedestal sink and a checkered floor to complete the look.

Mix the pastel bathtub with modern features to create a modern, yet whimsical bathroom. Add modern bronze faucets to the pastel tub to tie it into the room. Play off of the tub’s color when buying accessories such as soap holders and towels.

Tired of boring white bathtubs? Head on over to Refinish First. They can replicate any color and create countless custom colors for bathroom surfaces.


Renovation vs. Refinish Timeline

Renovating the bathroom is a large project that can take months depending on the materials used and how extensive the renovation will be. Instead of a complete renovation, consider letting Refinish First make over the room for a fraction of the cost and time.

With a renovation, the process starts with planning and creating a design or at least picking materials. Finding the right contractor also takes time. After deciding who and what they want, homeowners have to wait for the materials to be ordered and shipped. Depending on what they order it can take anywhere from five business days to eight weeks.

Each individual stage of the renovation will take one to two days, which can extend the construction to almost a month. If there are no problems with construction or the budget, everything will go smoothly, but problems frequently occur, extending the timeline.

For those who are happy with the layout of their bathroom, but are tired of the old, worn out, lifeless bathroom surfaces, Refinish First is a better option than renovating. Their refinishing process takes much less time, getting the bathroom back in use in no time.

For a standard bathtub, the process usually only takes three to five hours. After is cures, it is ready for use within 24 hours. For countertops and tile, the length of time depends on which finish homeowners choose. The solid color or speckled finish takes three to five hours, and again is ready within 24 hours. The stone finish, which mimics granite, takes two days to apply and additional time to cure.

Instead of possibly taking months, the bathroom can get an affordable upgrade in less than a week. With new surfaces it can look like a completely different room. Call Refinish First for a free estimate.

The Look of Granite without the Cost

Granite brings a luxurious feeling into the kitchen, but it can cost a pretty penny. Homeowners who are looking at installing granite countertops should think again. Refinish First can refinish existing countertops to look like granite, for a fraction of what real granite would cost.

Looking at the prices of granite, it costs $35 per square foot or more. It then has to be cut exactly to fit the counter, which can also add to the cost. In addition, homeowners have to pick the edging they want, which adds even more.

Refinish First offers stone finishes that mimic the look of granite, for less than the price of new laminate. They can refinish many different surfaces to look like granite including laminate, tile, solid surfaces and cultured marble.

Finding, ordering and installing granite countertops can take weeks. Refinish First can refinish countertops with a stone accent in two days. It then needs 24 to 48 hours to cure. Still a lot less time and mess than taking out an existing countertop and installing a brand new one.

Homeowners who are worried about refinishing because their current countertop is damaged shouldn’t stress about it. Refinish First makes repairs to the surface before refinishing it. They fix chips and cracks so that it looks brand new.

Get the granite look for less. Contact Refinish First for a free estimate.

Quick Daily Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms can easily become cluttered with everyone in the house rushing to get ready in the morning. Towels are thrown on the floor, the toothpaste cap is left off and hair products often litter the countertops. These small things can add up, accumulating until the mess seems almost impossible to clean.

Instead of letting daily bathroom messes grow, keep on top of them by cleaning the bathroom only five minutes every day! By taking a couple minutes to quickly clean, it will keep stress levels lower and bathroom messes almost nonexistent.

Step 1: Clear everything off of the countertop. Hair tools, bobby pins, brushes and whatever else is left on the counter. They should all have a spot in a drawer or cupboard. Pick up clothes and towels off of the floor. Hang up the towels and put the dirty clothes into a bathroom laundry hamper..

Step 2: Clean off all of the surfaces. Spraying down the shower daily prevents soap scum from building up. Makeup and hair can accumulate on the counters and in the sink, so give it a quick wipe down as well. The toilet builds up a lot of gunk on and around it, and wiping it down daily can help prevent that from happening.

Step 3: Use a microfiber cloth to clean toothpaste splatter and hairspray off the mirror. The cloth just needs to be damped before wiping the mirror down.

Step 4: Straighten everything up. Close the shower curtain or door, put out clean towels, and make sure items that stay on the counter are in their place.

By doing these steps daily, the bathroom will no longer become an unmanageable mess of hair, towels, and open toothpaste tubes.

Laminate Countertop Refinishing

Laminate was a popular countertop material during the 1960’s and 1970’s. This material is made of layers of paper and melamine resin. It can mimic patterns such as marble, metal, wood, fabric and leather.

However, laminate is subject to damage if it is abused. Hot materials such as pots and pans can easily burn laminate, creating burn marks or in extreme cases, holes if set on the surface. Knives can also inflict damage, leaving scratches. Using a cutting board on laminate surfaces is always a good idea to minimize the chance of this happening.

Replacing a laminate countertop is a difficult task. If laminate countertops become damaged, Refinish First can refinish the surface to look better than new. The refinishing process costs less than replacing the laminate.

Don’t worry about options when refinishing those laminate countertops. Refinish First can match any existing color or create a custom color. They also have a stone option that comes in a variety of colors and textures. Whether a homeowner is wanting to refinish their countertops and keep their existing color, or switch it up with something new, Refinish First can handle the job.

The durable finish on a Refinish First surface can hold up to daily use and uses the most advanced coatings available. If it does become damaged, Refinish First has the ability to repair it, unlike other surfaces, which can be difficult or impossible to repair.

Homeowners with old, worn down, or damaged laminate countertops should contact Refinish First for a free estimate. The refinishing process won’t take long and will leave the surface looking brand new, for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Boat Beautifying

With the temperature rising and summer heading this way, it’s time to de-winterize the boat and prepare to hit the water. It’s important to make sure every aspect of the boat is ready and in working order.

Starting with the mechanics, check to make sure everything it in top shape to run efficiently. The engine should be checked and the oil and filter may need to be changed. Other items that need to be inspected are the battery, cooling system, gas tank, distributor and the belts.

After the mechanics are good to go, take a peek at the inside of the boat and see how the surfaces are faring. The inside surfaces, such as the countertops, can get damaged from water and begin to rot.

If they are damaged, Refinish First can fix them. Along with refinishing the surface to look brand new, the refinishing process seals the surface to avoid future water damage. They can refinish many different surfaces including, but not limited to laminate, solid surfaces, ceramic tile, porcelain and fiberglass.

The inside of a boat should look just as beautiful as the outside. If the surfaces have become water logged, give Refinish First a call. The process only takes a short amount of time and can save a boat owner thousands of dollar in replacements.

Spring Cleaning

Just as the warmth of spring brings with it new life, spring cleaning can bring with it a renewed and refreshed feeling to the home.

When the sun starts shining, people are more likely to open the blinds to let it shine into the home, only to find that over winter the windows have become dirty. Some cleaning experts say windows should be washed twice a year, so why not do it during spring cleaning?

One of the best ways to clean windows is with a squeegee, which isn’t all that surprising considering that’s how people clean their car windshields. Using warm water and dish soap, making sure there aren’t too many suds, soap up the window. Then with a squeegee, pull it across the pane, wiping the blade clean after each stroke with a rag. Then dry with a clean, lint-free rag.

If there’s a sliding door in the house, use a dry toothbrush to loosen the debris before vacuuming it up and wiping it down with a wet sponge. Other overlooked areas to clean include the baseboards, door frames and walls. Give them a good scrubbing with warm water, dish soap and a sponge.

Winter can track in all sorts of dirt and other debris, getting it lodged into the carpet. Spring can be a good time to hire someone to professionally clean the carpets or renting a deep cleaner to do it. While deep cleaning the carpets, be sure to move all the furniture and clean under it as well.

For the outside of the home, power-washing the exterior can get rid of the grime that mold and mildew feed on. Also, focus on the gutters. With the heavy rain that happens in the spring, they will need to be cleared and repaired.