Bathtub Stain Removal

Bathtub stains can happen for a variety of reasons. Bacteria can grow on the surface due to moisture. Or hard water can cause mineral deposits that stain the surface. Bath bombs can leave a stain as well depending on the color.

Depending on the severity of the stain, sometimes it can be scrubbed off quite easily. Using cleaning supplies such as Comet, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide can get mild stains out of bathtubs most of the time. If the stain has gone untreated for a longer period of time, it may be harder to get off the surface. Also, the cleaning supplies listed above can be abrasive and harsh, causing damage to the bathtub surface.

If the bathtub is stained and no matter how much scrubbing is done, they won’t leave, the surface could be permanently damaged. If that’s the case, refinishing is a good option. Refinish First can repair and refinish the bathtub surface and make it look brand new.

Replacing the bathtub doesn’t make sense unless a complete bathroom renovation is being done. Refinishing costs less and takes way less time than replacement. Give Refinish First a call for a free estimate or visit their website.


Keep Bugs Out

All sorts of bugs tend to wander inside when the weather starts to warm up and can make an annoyance of themselves. Take some preventative measures to keep them from making themselves at home this summer.

Keep small spaces closed so they don’t have a way to get in. This means caulking around window frames, pipes, dryer vents and more. Also repairing gaps in the siding can help keep them out. They can find just about any little crack to squeeze through, so resealing the house is a big help. It also has the added benefit of potentially lowering cooling costs this summer.

Try adding some natural bug repellents inside and outside of the home to deter them. There are plants such as mint, rosemary, lemongrass and geraniums that bugs will stay away from. Plant them around the base of the home, in window boxes or spray peppermint oil around the base of the house if plants aren’t an option.

Food attracts many bugs, but specifically ants, which can be hard to get rid of once they enter the home. By immediately cleaning up food and messes from cooking, it will help reduce the likelihood of ants coming inside. Taking the garbage out frequently will also help and keep the kitchen smelling fresh.

Don’t let bugs win the battle this summer. Start taking steps to keep them out sooner rather than later.

Quick Daily Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms can easily become cluttered with everyone in the house rushing to get ready in the morning. Towels are thrown on the floor, the toothpaste cap is left off and hair products often litter the countertops. These small things can add up, accumulating until the mess seems almost impossible to clean.

Instead of letting daily bathroom messes grow, keep on top of them by cleaning the bathroom only five minutes every day! By taking a couple minutes to quickly clean, it will keep stress levels lower and bathroom messes almost nonexistent.

Step 1: Clear everything off of the countertop. Hair tools, bobby pins, brushes and whatever else is left on the counter. They should all have a spot in a drawer or cupboard. Pick up clothes and towels off of the floor. Hang up the towels and put the dirty clothes into a bathroom laundry hamper..

Step 2: Clean off all of the surfaces. Spraying down the shower daily prevents soap scum from building up. Makeup and hair can accumulate on the counters and in the sink, so give it a quick wipe down as well. The toilet builds up a lot of gunk on and around it, and wiping it down daily can help prevent that from happening.

Step 3: Use a microfiber cloth to clean toothpaste splatter and hairspray off the mirror. The cloth just needs to be damped before wiping the mirror down.

Step 4: Straighten everything up. Close the shower curtain or door, put out clean towels, and make sure items that stay on the counter are in their place.

By doing these steps daily, the bathroom will no longer become an unmanageable mess of hair, towels, and open toothpaste tubes.

Reduce Pollen in the Home

Spring is when many allergies start to act up and leave allergy sufferers miserable, inside and outside of the home. Limiting pollen from coming inside the house can help those with allergies survive the pollen season at least while they are inside. Follow these tips to reduce the amount of pollen in the home and avoid being miserable:

  • Buy air filters for window screens. They are designed to keep out 90 percent of pollen.
  • Install a HEPA filter in the HVAC unit. These are designed to trap more than 99 percent of pollen, dust and tobacco smoke.
  • Wipe down surfaces often and vacuum with a HEPA filter.
  • Make sure to shower after spending time outside to get rid of pollen that has attached itself. Also wash clothes often that have been worn outside.
  • Don’t line dry clothes during pollen season.
  • Brush pets often so they don’t track pollen into the house.

Spring time and pollen season can bring out the worst for allergy sufferers. Take precautions to prevent pollen from getting inside the home and causing allergies to flare up.

Spring Cleaning

Just as the warmth of spring brings with it new life, spring cleaning can bring with it a renewed and refreshed feeling to the home.

When the sun starts shining, people are more likely to open the blinds to let it shine into the home, only to find that over winter the windows have become dirty. Some cleaning experts say windows should be washed twice a year, so why not do it during spring cleaning?

One of the best ways to clean windows is with a squeegee, which isn’t all that surprising considering that’s how people clean their car windshields. Using warm water and dish soap, making sure there aren’t too many suds, soap up the window. Then with a squeegee, pull it across the pane, wiping the blade clean after each stroke with a rag. Then dry with a clean, lint-free rag.

If there’s a sliding door in the house, use a dry toothbrush to loosen the debris before vacuuming it up and wiping it down with a wet sponge. Other overlooked areas to clean include the baseboards, door frames and walls. Give them a good scrubbing with warm water, dish soap and a sponge.

Winter can track in all sorts of dirt and other debris, getting it lodged into the carpet. Spring can be a good time to hire someone to professionally clean the carpets or renting a deep cleaner to do it. While deep cleaning the carpets, be sure to move all the furniture and clean under it as well.

For the outside of the home, power-washing the exterior can get rid of the grime that mold and mildew feed on. Also, focus on the gutters. With the heavy rain that happens in the spring, they will need to be cleared and repaired.

5 Tips to Make Small Bathrooms Feel Larger

Small bathrooms can be made to feel even smaller depending on how they are decorated or designed. Here are a few design tips to make a small bathroom feel larger than it really is:

  • Using lighter colors can make the room feel more open. Darker colors can make a room feel cave-like and cramped. This is especially true if the ceiling is painted a darker color.
  • Keep extra bathroom counter space by skipping that second sink. As luxurious it might feel to have two sinks in the bathroom, especially the master bath, it can cramp much needed counter space. The counter is used more when getting ready in the morning than the sink, so having more counter space than sink space is practical.
  • If more bathroom storage is needed, try adding a medicine cabinet above the toilet. That space is hardly ever used for anything except decorations, so why not turn it into a functional space. Many of the wall units have small shelves below the storage area for your decorations too.
  • Mirrors make rooms feel larger, so don’t be afraid to put a large one above the sink. They give the illusion of depth and reflect light, both natural and artificial, to make the room brighter.
  • Install a glass shower door instead of a curtain. It will give the room a more open feel because it doesn’t block off a section of the room.

Need a lighter color for the bathroom countertop, bathtub or tile? Contact Refinish First to lighten up the surfaces in the bathroom.

Post-Holiday Cleaning

The holidays can bring with them a lot of clutter and mess. Going into the New Year with a cluttered house can make for a stressful start. There are simple ways to keep the mess down to a minimum and get the New Year started with a clean, clutter-free home.

With family and friends visiting to celebrate the holidays, spills and stain are inevitable. Stains are harder to get out the longer they sit, so they should be remedied as soon as possible. Using warm water and a mild dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle is usually an easy fix. Just spray it on the stain, blot with a paper towel and continue this until it is no longer visible. Then it should be rinsed with water and blotted once more before left to dry.

Kitchens should be deep cleaned after the holidays. Mop the floors and clean all of the countertops. If the countertops have become damaged from all the prepping and cooking, contact Refinish First about refinishing them to look brand new.

Separate recyclables from what needs to be thrown in the trash during the festivities instead of after. Also, try to do dishes right after they are done being used. Many people find cleaning as they go to be less stressful than walking into a kitchen with piles of dishes the next morning.

Have a designated box for Holiday cards. Update addresses and lists as necessary. Holiday cards should be recycled after the holidays are over, there is no real need to keep them around for a whole year.

When packing away decorations, people sometimes decide to throw everything into a box to sort later. However, later tends to not come around and next year those decorations are tangled and misshapen. Packing away holiday decorations neatly will help limit stress and frustration when they are needed next year.

Many people consider the easiest way to stay away from clutter is to get rid of one thing when they add something new. This can be done with clothes, kitchen gadgets and much more. While doing this, it could be a good time to get rid of things that are no longer used, such as toys or shoes that are no longer worn.