Bathtub Stain Removal

Bathtub stains can happen for a variety of reasons. Bacteria can grow on the surface due to moisture. Or hard water can cause mineral deposits that stain the surface. Bath bombs can leave a stain as well depending on the color.

Depending on the severity of the stain, sometimes it can be scrubbed off quite easily. Using cleaning supplies such as Comet, Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide can get mild stains out of bathtubs most of the time. If the stain has gone untreated for a longer period of time, it may be harder to get off the surface. Also, the cleaning supplies listed above can be abrasive and harsh, causing damage to the bathtub surface.

If the bathtub is stained and no matter how much scrubbing is done, they won’t leave, the surface could be permanently damaged. If that’s the case, refinishing is a good option. Refinish First can repair and refinish the bathtub surface and make it look brand new.

Replacing the bathtub doesn’t make sense unless a complete bathroom renovation is being done. Refinishing costs less and takes way less time than replacement. Give Refinish First a call for a free estimate or visit their website.


Slip Resistant Surfaces

Over two-thirds of accidental injuries happen in the bathtub or shower. Bathtub and shower surfaces are already fairly slick, but add water and some soap and they become downright dangerous. Having slip resistant materials could help to reduce the number of injuries.

Slip resistant mats or treads can come off pretty easily and be more of a nuisance than a help in the bath or shower. Instead of constantly reapplying stick-on slip resistant mats, try something more permanent to prevent bathtub and shower falls.

Refinish First can install slip resistant surfaces in bathtubs and shower pans to reduce the slickness of these surfaces. The surface they install chemically bonds to bathtub or shower floor, making it resistant to cracking or peeling.

Slip resistant flooring can help everyone from slipping in the bathtub or shower and reduce the number of injuries in the bathroom. Ask Refinish First about installing a slip resistant surface in the bathtub or shower.

Vintage Bathroom with a Colored Bathtub

Vintage bathrooms are all about fun colors. In the 1950’s and 1960’s interior decorators used a lot of pastels. This trend also carried over to bathroom decorating, where bathtubs escaped the normal white shade and went lavender, yellow, aqua, pink, and green.

Homeowners can use these colors to create a vintage-inspired bathroom. With a pink, blue or lavender bathtub, homeowners can design a spa-like bathroom by making it the focal point of the room. To do this, use a variety of white shades for the rest of the bathroom.

For a more classic feel, mix traditional features with a yellow, mint green or pink bathtub. Pink and green or blue and yellow were common color combinations back then. Add a pedestal sink and a checkered floor to complete the look.

Mix the pastel bathtub with modern features to create a modern, yet whimsical bathroom. Add modern bronze faucets to the pastel tub to tie it into the room. Play off of the tub’s color when buying accessories such as soap holders and towels.

Tired of boring white bathtubs? Head on over to Refinish First. They can replicate any color and create countless custom colors for bathroom surfaces.

Open vs. Enclosed Showers

Many people are getting rid of bathtub/shower combinations and instead installing an extravagant shower. Just as expansive bathtubs and enjoying bubble baths is a luxury, showers are becoming luxury items too. With the ability to change the water pressure, control how the water streams out of the shower head and other technological advances, showers have come a long way.

A new trend is to install an open shower in the bathroom. These showers are more accessible and help smaller bathrooms feel larger than they are. However, some people aren’t ready to give up their enclosed showers. Each option comes with its own pros and cons.

Enclosed Shower


  • More private
  • Keeps steam in the shower


  • If not regularly cleaned the glass can get hard water stains
  • Can take up a lot of space in the bathroom

Open Shower


  • Feels spa-like
  • Visually appealing



  • No privacy
  • Water can get everywhere in the room

Depending on the size of the bathroom and the lifestyle of the homeowner, one option might be better than the other. Some people enjoy more traditional bathrooms, while others embrace the idea of creating a spa-like environment.

Not ready to make the jump to an open shower? Refinish First can update and transform you’re existing bathroom to provide a fresh new look without the demolition needed for a complete remodel. Contact us for a free bathroom transformation estimate today!

Walk-In Bathtub Conversions

Injuries frequently occur in the bathroom, and not just to senior citizens. Bathrooms are slippery, accident-prone areas. One way to reduce the number of accidents in the bathroom is to let Refinish First convert the bathtub to a walk-in tub.

For those who have trouble clearing the edge of the bathtub, these conversion can be particularly useful. Bathtubs are usually 16 inches high, which can be difficult for children, the elderly, or disabled people to maneuver.

Being able to walk into the bathtub can help reduce the number of falls and injuries in the bathroom for people of all ages, but especially the elderly. One in three adults age 65 and older in the United States falls each year.

Children are often accident prone as well. Not having long enough legs or just not paying enough attention could cause them to catch on the edge of the tub and fall.

Consider reducing the risk of falls with a walk-in tub. Refinish First can answer any questions about the installation process.

Colorful Ideas

White is a fairly traditional color for bathrooms, but can get stale and boring after a while. White also has a tendency to show dirt rather easily, compared to other colors. To give a sterile, white bathroom a jolt, add some color to it.

An obvious way to incorporate color into the bathroom is to paint the walls. This can completely change the vibe of the room. Small spaces, like bathrooms, are great for trying out a bold color because if it doesn’t turn out, it’s fairly easy to repaint. Choose a color to create a new feeling in the room. Blue is calming and could help with relaxing while get ready for bed while yellow is bright and energetic and could be helpful in feeling awake in the morning.

If painting seems like too much of an endeavor, putting small colorful items in the bathroom can brighten it up. Paintings, flowers, decorative vases and more can dress up a plain bathroom and make it visually appealing. Pick a color palette and go all out.

A more basic approach would be to invest in colorful towels, bath mats, window treatments and an interesting shower curtain. Bathrooms require all of these things, so replacing them with something colorful is practical as well as decorative.

If the white bathtub or shower has become old and dingy, maybe it’s time to refinish the surface. Refinish First can recreate that pure white color, or go in a more fun and creative direction. They can create almost any custom color and offer many stone finishes to glam up that boring bathroom.

Fall Cleaning

Fall is an important time to clean and organize the house. The children are back in school and winter is fast approaching. Use that spring cleaning checklist, with a few more chores added on to make sure the house is prepared for the cold winter months ahead.

Wash the windows and window treatments. With the windows open all summer long, dust can accumulate a thick coating on the blinds. Walls also need a good scrubbing after being exposed to the elements during summer months. Vacuum the carpets and wash all the hardwood or linoleum flooring in the house.

For the kitchen, reorganizing the cupboards can really help take the stress out of preparing for holiday meals. Discard old Tupperware and other items as needed. By reorganizing, it will take the guess work out of finding items needed for cooking holiday meals and dishes can be returned to the original owner if they were kept from last year’s festivities. Also go through the pantry. Items such as sugar and flour get used more during fall and winter when baking, so make sure there are plenty of each stocked up.

Check on the furnace filter, it may need to be replaced before the furnace can be turned on. Also if there is a chimney in the house, have it inspected and swept before winter arrives. Check the weather stripping around doors and windows so the cold air stays out. Clean and store patio furniture away until next summer.

When the cold weather starts to hit, get the winter linens out of storage and change the bedding throughout the house. Get blankets and winter clothing out of storage as well. Make sure the guest rooms are prepared for company. Flip mattresses if needed and fluff pillows.

If planning on entertaining during the holidays, refinish the surfaces around the house so they look like new. If the sinks, counters or bathtubs need an update, call Refinish First.