Quick Daily Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms can easily become cluttered with everyone in the house rushing to get ready in the morning. Towels are thrown on the floor, the toothpaste cap is left off and hair products often litter the countertops. These small things can add up, accumulating until the mess seems almost impossible to clean.

Instead of letting daily bathroom messes grow, keep on top of them by cleaning the bathroom only five minutes every day! By taking a couple minutes to quickly clean, it will keep stress levels lower and bathroom messes almost nonexistent.

Step 1: Clear everything off of the countertop. Hair tools, bobby pins, brushes and whatever else is left on the counter. They should all have a spot in a drawer or cupboard. Pick up clothes and towels off of the floor. Hang up the towels and put the dirty clothes into a bathroom laundry hamper..

Step 2: Clean off all of the surfaces. Spraying down the shower daily prevents soap scum from building up. Makeup and hair can accumulate on the counters and in the sink, so give it a quick wipe down as well. The toilet builds up a lot of gunk on and around it, and wiping it down daily can help prevent that from happening.

Step 3: Use a microfiber cloth to clean toothpaste splatter and hairspray off the mirror. The cloth just needs to be damped before wiping the mirror down.

Step 4: Straighten everything up. Close the shower curtain or door, put out clean towels, and make sure items that stay on the counter are in their place.

By doing these steps daily, the bathroom will no longer become an unmanageable mess of hair, towels, and open toothpaste tubes.


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