Spring Cleaning

Just as the warmth of spring brings with it new life, spring cleaning can bring with it a renewed and refreshed feeling to the home.

When the sun starts shining, people are more likely to open the blinds to let it shine into the home, only to find that over winter the windows have become dirty. Some cleaning experts say windows should be washed twice a year, so why not do it during spring cleaning?

One of the best ways to clean windows is with a squeegee, which isn’t all that surprising considering that’s how people clean their car windshields. Using warm water and dish soap, making sure there aren’t too many suds, soap up the window. Then with a squeegee, pull it across the pane, wiping the blade clean after each stroke with a rag. Then dry with a clean, lint-free rag.

If there’s a sliding door in the house, use a dry toothbrush to loosen the debris before vacuuming it up and wiping it down with a wet sponge. Other overlooked areas to clean include the baseboards, door frames and walls. Give them a good scrubbing with warm water, dish soap and a sponge.

Winter can track in all sorts of dirt and other debris, getting it lodged into the carpet. Spring can be a good time to hire someone to professionally clean the carpets or renting a deep cleaner to do it. While deep cleaning the carpets, be sure to move all the furniture and clean under it as well.

For the outside of the home, power-washing the exterior can get rid of the grime that mold and mildew feed on. Also, focus on the gutters. With the heavy rain that happens in the spring, they will need to be cleared and repaired.


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