Big Ideas for Small Kitchens

Small kitchens can be hard to decorate without making the room feel cluttered. However, smaller kitchens cost less to makeover and small projects can make a dramatic impact.


To make a dramatic statement without painting the walls or cupboards, try adding a backsplash. There are a variety of styles, patterns and colors to fit any kitchen. They are also easy to wipe clean if food particles get on them while washing dishes or cooking.


Go bold in the kitchen with a bright color. This can be achieved by painting an accent wall or colorful kitchen decorations such as rugs, decorative dishware, towels, and wall hangings.

Bold Patterns

If the kitchen has a window above the sink, find a window covering with a colorful, bold print. This focal point could be used to draw color inspiration for other decorations in the kitchen. Or, find a patterned wallpaper to put in the kitchen. This is a great way to bring color into a plain, white kitchen.

Open Shelving

A kitchen trend that has caught on recently is open shelves and cabinets for displaying interesting dishes or fun containers. This idea is better suited to those who like to keep their storage areas really tidy. Textured or colorful baskets or bins can be used for organization while bringing in a decorative element as well. Colorful dishes could be put on display as too.

Smaller kitchens are a good place to go bold, whether it be with color or patterns. Pieces that are both decorative and functional work well, so they aren’t just taking up much needed space.


Floating Shelves

Looking for a way to display decorative pieces in the bathroom? Try using floating shelves. They come in many different sizes and colors to work in any bathroom. They can be arranged and hung at different heights for taller or shorter decorative pieces too.

Put towels, miniature soaps, lotions, and candles on floating shelves to make the bathroom feel like a spa for guests. Space them out a little farther and add a vase with flowers for a pop of color and fresh scent.

Floating shelves can be bought in triangle shapes to stick in corners for bathrooms without much open wall space. This way decorations can still be added to spice up a bland bathroom, without taking up a bunch of space. Another option is to go L-shaped in a bathroom with more space. These shelves fit into corners, but offer long areas on either side to put decorative items for a more dimensional look.

For bathrooms with the classic beach theme, use chunkier, bare wood shelves to tie in the theme. The thicker the shelf, the heavier the items put on them, such as large seashells or heavy vases and containers.

For a more eccentric and eye-catching style, get shelves of varying lengths and stack them diagonally, instead of right on top of one another. This can create a collage of sorts when pieces are placed on them.

It can be hard to find room to display decorative pieces in the bathroom, especially if there isn’t much space. Floating shelves can help remedy this problem, while not taking up more room than necessary.

Laminate Countertop Refinishing

Laminate was a popular countertop material during the 1960’s and 1970’s. This material is made of layers of paper and melamine resin. It can mimic patterns such as marble, metal, wood, fabric and leather.

However, laminate is subject to damage if it is abused. Hot materials such as pots and pans can easily burn laminate, creating burn marks or in extreme cases, holes if set on the surface. Knives can also inflict damage, leaving scratches. Using a cutting board on laminate surfaces is always a good idea to minimize the chance of this happening.

Replacing a laminate countertop is a difficult task. If laminate countertops become damaged, Refinish First can refinish the surface to look better than new. The refinishing process costs less than replacing the laminate.

Don’t worry about options when refinishing those laminate countertops. Refinish First can match any existing color or create a custom color. They also have a stone option that comes in a variety of colors and textures. Whether a homeowner is wanting to refinish their countertops and keep their existing color, or switch it up with something new, Refinish First can handle the job.

The durable finish on a Refinish First surface can hold up to daily use and uses the most advanced coatings available. If it does become damaged, Refinish First has the ability to repair it, unlike other surfaces, which can be difficult or impossible to repair.

Homeowners with old, worn down, or damaged laminate countertops should contact Refinish First for a free estimate. The refinishing process won’t take long and will leave the surface looking brand new, for a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Boat Beautifying

With the temperature rising and summer heading this way, it’s time to de-winterize the boat and prepare to hit the water. It’s important to make sure every aspect of the boat is ready and in working order.

Starting with the mechanics, check to make sure everything it in top shape to run efficiently. The engine should be checked and the oil and filter may need to be changed. Other items that need to be inspected are the battery, cooling system, gas tank, distributor and the belts.

After the mechanics are good to go, take a peek at the inside of the boat and see how the surfaces are faring. The inside surfaces, such as the countertops, can get damaged from water and begin to rot.

If they are damaged, Refinish First can fix them. Along with refinishing the surface to look brand new, the refinishing process seals the surface to avoid future water damage. They can refinish many different surfaces including, but not limited to laminate, solid surfaces, ceramic tile, porcelain and fiberglass.

The inside of a boat should look just as beautiful as the outside. If the surfaces have become water logged, give Refinish First a call. The process only takes a short amount of time and can save a boat owner thousands of dollar in replacements.

Pool Time

As spring is slowly creeping up on the region, summer won’t be far behind. That means it’s almost time to enjoy backyard BBQ’s, sunshine, popsicles and jumping in the pool. Which also means it’s time to get the pool in shape!

Swimming pools that are made of concrete or fiberglass can be refinished by Refinish First. They can also refinish the surrounding tiles. Refinishing takes far less time and money than replacing and creates a highly durable chemical bond, extending the life of the pool.

Pools accumulate a lot of gunk that can leave stains on the surface, making it look unappealing to take a dip in. Cracks can also appear in the liner, causing issues. Refinish First has the ability to fix those cracks, while making the surface look brand new again.

Whether fixing cracks and getting rid of unsightly stains on the liner, or just changing the color and shine, refinishing is a great way to update the pool. Contact Refinish First for a free estimate.

3 Spring Patio Prep Ideas

Outdoor patios can take a beating from harsh winter weather. Tiles can become cracked and stained, furniture is usually dusty and dirty from storage and plants can wither away. There’s plenty of time to get the patio looking great before those spring and summer outdoor gatherings. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • If there are any damaged tiles on the patio, don’t replace them. Instead, call the professionals at Refinish First. They can fix the imperfections and leave the tiles looking brand new. They offer three standard solid colors, more than 30 stone accent finishes and can create almost any custom color imaginable.
  • Many plants can’t take the winter weather and end up lifeless come spring. Dig out those withered blooms and replace them with healthier versions. Plants and flowers bring a vibrant, alive feeling to many patios, and if chosen with color schemes in mind, can complement the colors already used in the patio decorations.
  • If the patio furniture has been in storage, it has probably survived the worst and just needs a quick wipe down. If it stayed outside, it will most likely need a more thorough cleaning with a mild detergent. Investing in plastic covers is a good way to protect patio furniture that stays outside year round.

When evaluating those outdoor patios, keep Refinish First in mind for tile and concrete refinishing needs.

Spring Cleaning

Just as the warmth of spring brings with it new life, spring cleaning can bring with it a renewed and refreshed feeling to the home.

When the sun starts shining, people are more likely to open the blinds to let it shine into the home, only to find that over winter the windows have become dirty. Some cleaning experts say windows should be washed twice a year, so why not do it during spring cleaning?

One of the best ways to clean windows is with a squeegee, which isn’t all that surprising considering that’s how people clean their car windshields. Using warm water and dish soap, making sure there aren’t too many suds, soap up the window. Then with a squeegee, pull it across the pane, wiping the blade clean after each stroke with a rag. Then dry with a clean, lint-free rag.

If there’s a sliding door in the house, use a dry toothbrush to loosen the debris before vacuuming it up and wiping it down with a wet sponge. Other overlooked areas to clean include the baseboards, door frames and walls. Give them a good scrubbing with warm water, dish soap and a sponge.

Winter can track in all sorts of dirt and other debris, getting it lodged into the carpet. Spring can be a good time to hire someone to professionally clean the carpets or renting a deep cleaner to do it. While deep cleaning the carpets, be sure to move all the furniture and clean under it as well.

For the outside of the home, power-washing the exterior can get rid of the grime that mold and mildew feed on. Also, focus on the gutters. With the heavy rain that happens in the spring, they will need to be cleared and repaired.