Refinishing Stained Concrete

Over time, concrete becomes worn down and in need of an upgrade. Instead of paying to dispose of the old concrete and pour a whole new slab, consider the other options available. Refinish First can repair the imperfections in concrete and apply a beautiful new surface for garage floors, driveways and more.

When cars are parked on concrete driveways, and in shops or garages with concrete floors, they can leak a variety of liquids like oil, coolant and brake fluid. This creates unsightly stains on the surface. Other stains can penetrate the concrete from water runoff and other weather issues.

To start the process, Refinish First cleans the concrete surface. This is done with a diamond scrub that roughs up the concrete surface. This is so the coating will stick when applied. Next they apply five layers of coating with colored chips inside it. If the surface will be subjected to sunlight a top coast with a UV blocker will finish the job.

Contact Refinish First about refinishing concrete surfaces around the home or business.


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