Refinishing Locker Rooms

With winter sports about to end and springs sports poised to start soon, it’s time to get those locker rooms in shape. Year round they take a beating from cleats, mud, and equipment, which can take a toll on locker room surfaces. Instead of a complete remodel, refinishing those surfaces can take much less time and cost a lot less.

Whether it is tile showers, floors, countertops or sinks, Refinish First has the job handled. They can transform a variety of surfaces including ceramic tile, porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic and more. Chipped tiles are repaired during the refinishing process. Missing grout is also replaced and then sealed.

Want to ramp up the school spirit in the locker room? Refinish the surfaces in school colors! Refinish First can match an existing color or create almost any custom color imaginable. Create a custom locker room feel while fixing any imperfections on the surfaces.

Refinish First has completed tile shower and locker room projects for Boise State University, Northwest Nazarene University and Brigham Young University Idaho. Contact them for a free estimate!


The History of Showers

The idea of showering to bathe has been around a lot longer than the fancy showers installed in homes today. The first shower was provided by nature, in the form of a waterfall. Even back then, people figured out running water was more effective for bathing than standing water.

Soon, people were figuring out they could bring the shower to themselves with jugs of water. Wealthy Egyptians had servants dump the water on them, instead of doing it for themselves. However, they didn’t have water heaters to warm up the water before their showers, so cold showers were the norm. Sounds a bit like the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations had rudimentary shower rooms with basic drainage systems. The Greeks expanded on this design later. They created a sewer system that could pump water in and out of communal shower rooms. These rooms were similar to the locker rooms of today’s society in that they were social areas. The Romans also built many bathhouses and an advanced sewer system.

A contraption similar to the shower used today was finally built in 1767 in London. A pump forced water into a basin above the bather’s head, where they pulled a chain to release the water. Expanding upon this design, the English Regency Shower was more effective. It stood over ten feet tall and was made up of many metal pipes.

By 1850, reliable plumbing allowed showers to be connected to running water. Over time they continued to change, but were usually only found in homes of wealthy people. In America during the 1920’s, ownership of showers finally spread to the rest of society.

Caring for Refinished Surfaces

When Refinish First refinishes surfaces, it can extend the life of those surfaces 15 years or longer. During the process, they create a chemical bond between the old surface and the new surface, making it durable and lasting.

Refinished surfaces done by Refinish First can handle daily wear and tear. However, when cleaning original countertops and fixtures or refinished surfaces, avoid using cleaning products that contain abrasives, harsh acids, or bleach. These can cause the surface to become worn and dull. This is a mistake many people make when cleaning bathtubs, tile or countertops. Using the wrong cleaning products is a major source of damage to kitchen and surfaces.

Extend the life of worn bathroom and kitchen surfaces by letting Refinish First transform them.

Open vs. Enclosed Showers

Many people are getting rid of bathtub/shower combinations and instead installing an extravagant shower. Just as expansive bathtubs and enjoying bubble baths is a luxury, showers are becoming luxury items too. With the ability to change the water pressure, control how the water streams out of the shower head and other technological advances, showers have come a long way.

A new trend is to install an open shower in the bathroom. These showers are more accessible and help smaller bathrooms feel larger than they are. However, some people aren’t ready to give up their enclosed showers. Each option comes with its own pros and cons.

Enclosed Shower


  • More private
  • Keeps steam in the shower


  • If not regularly cleaned the glass can get hard water stains
  • Can take up a lot of space in the bathroom

Open Shower


  • Feels spa-like
  • Visually appealing



  • No privacy
  • Water can get everywhere in the room

Depending on the size of the bathroom and the lifestyle of the homeowner, one option might be better than the other. Some people enjoy more traditional bathrooms, while others embrace the idea of creating a spa-like environment.

Not ready to make the jump to an open shower? Refinish First can update and transform you’re existing bathroom to provide a fresh new look without the demolition needed for a complete remodel. Contact us for a free bathroom transformation estimate today!

Refinishing Stained Concrete

Over time, concrete becomes worn down and in need of an upgrade. Instead of paying to dispose of the old concrete and pour a whole new slab, consider the other options available. Refinish First can repair the imperfections in concrete and apply a beautiful new surface for garage floors, driveways and more.

When cars are parked on concrete driveways, and in shops or garages with concrete floors, they can leak a variety of liquids like oil, coolant and brake fluid. This creates unsightly stains on the surface. Other stains can penetrate the concrete from water runoff and other weather issues.

To start the process, Refinish First cleans the concrete surface. This is done with a diamond scrub that roughs up the concrete surface. This is so the coating will stick when applied. Next they apply five layers of coating with colored chips inside it. If the surface will be subjected to sunlight a top coast with a UV blocker will finish the job.

Contact Refinish First about refinishing concrete surfaces around the home or business.

Walk-In Bathtub Conversions

Injuries frequently occur in the bathroom, and not just to senior citizens. Bathrooms are slippery, accident-prone areas. One way to reduce the number of accidents in the bathroom is to let Refinish First convert the bathtub to a walk-in tub.

For those who have trouble clearing the edge of the bathtub, these conversion can be particularly useful. Bathtubs are usually 16 inches high, which can be difficult for children, the elderly, or disabled people to maneuver.

Being able to walk into the bathtub can help reduce the number of falls and injuries in the bathroom for people of all ages, but especially the elderly. One in three adults age 65 and older in the United States falls each year.

Children are often accident prone as well. Not having long enough legs or just not paying enough attention could cause them to catch on the edge of the tub and fall.

Consider reducing the risk of falls with a walk-in tub. Refinish First can answer any questions about the installation process.

5 Kitchen Trends for 2015

Thinking about spicing up the kitchen in 2015? Refinish those kitchen surfaces and try incorporating some of these trending kitchen looks.

  1. For those tired of white kitchens or using primary colors on walls, tribal inspired tones are making a splash this year. Taken from Moroccan and Native American palettes, these warm colors make the kitchen vibrant. Use mustard yellows, scarlet, royal blue or dusty pinks when decorating or painting the kitchen to incorporate the tribal design aspect.
  2. Less is more in 2015. People are now moving toward minimal wall cabinets to make the room feel more spacious. However, this comes with the price of possibly less storage in the kitchen. It would work great for a house with minimal tendencies.
  3. Stainless steel, silver and chrome have made their mark in the kitchen over the years. Bringing with them a new age, sleek feeling, that’s managed to stay around for quite a few years. Warmer metals will begin to take their place this year. Copper, gold and bronze bring a warmer, more luxurious and decadent feeling to the room. These could be incorporated with faucets, trims, or decorations.
  4. Instead of amazing islands or unique backsplashes, make the ceiling the statement piece. This can be achieved through lighting, the shape of the ceiling, embellishments and other features.
  5. Wallpaper comes and goes in phases when it comes to home decorating. In 2015 it will be used to create an added visual impact on the room. Choosing a wallpaper with a unique pattern to put in the kitchen could dress it up in a different way.

Get creative in the kitchen in 2015. If those counters are needing some work, give Refinish First a call.