Refinishing Mudrooms

Mudrooms are extremely useful to stop children and adults from tracking excess dirt and other debris around the house. They can also be great storage areas for boots, coats and other outdoor accessories. Often, because of the amount of traffic a mudroom sees, wear and tear can occur.

The basic elements of a mudroom start off with hooks or racks. This is for hanging outdoor essentials such as coats, hats, scarves and the like. Some type of cubby is usually present for other items that can’t be hung on a hook.

There is a trend of combining the laundry room and mudroom. This is a great option for a smaller house where both rooms are needed. Often the floors in these rooms are tile or concrete and are perfect to deal with the amount of moisture and dirt that gets tracked into them. The floors can easily become damaged over time from heavy use and need to be replaced. Instead of replacing the flooring, consider refinishing it. The experts at Refinish First can refinish many surfaces including tile and concrete for less than the cost of replacing.

Sinks are extremely useful in mudrooms. They can be used for washing dirt off of gardening tools, boots, or even cleaning animals depending on the size of the sink and the animal. Refinish First can also repair and refinish porcelain, acrylic and composite sinks. If the sink has become cracked or damaged from heavy use, consider refinishing instead of replacing it.


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