Mix It Up in the Kitchen

Kitchen upgrades range from small and simple to large and expensive. Many homeowners can do minor updates themselves if they have the time and energy, like painting cabinets or walls. However, some upgrades require a professional, such as refinishing kitchen countertops or backsplashes.

Painting the walls or cupboards can be quick and fairly inexpensive options for updates to a kitchen. Sometimes all the room needs is a new pop of color to totally transform it. A backsplash can be a statement piece that visually impacts the kitchen in a huge way. Installing one, or having it refinished can be the starting point of creating a whole new look in the kitchen. Refinish First can refinish tile backsplashes. They offer three standard colors, custom colors, and over 30 choices in stone finishes.

New countertops can give the whole kitchen a facelift, especially if they’re damaged or just old and dull. Countertop refinishing is a job for the experts at Refinish First. Since 2008, they’ve refinished over 1,000 countertops. This is a great option for “new” countertops instead of completely replacing the old ones because it takes less time and is less expensive. If the kitchen is screaming for granite countertops, but the budget is screaming no, go with Refinish First. They can create a granite look, without the price tag.

Refinish First can transform the surfaces in the kitchen, making the entire room feel brand new. Contact them today for a free estimate.


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