2015 Bathroom Design Trends

With a new year comes new design ideas and trends to follow. As bathrooms continue to transform into a spa-like experience, design trends lean toward a feeling of luxury and relaxation.

A trend that started in 2014 and is expected to continue in 2015 is dramatic floor tiles that make a statement. This can be an alternative to a statement wall or art piece. Bright, colorful tiles or tiles with an interesting design can bring a unique aesthetic element to a bathroom of any size.

There’s a continuing trend of bring the outdoors in with earthy materials that can bring a calming feeling to the bathroom. Some people also achieve this by decorating with live plants. Designers are falling in love with the idea of a “living wall,” where an entire wall of the bathroom is converted into a vertical garden of sorts. They can be beneficial to the environment and the occupants’ well-being along with being an interesting vocal point.

This year it’s all about the free-standing bathtub to create a feeling of rest and relaxation. These bathtubs mimic those found in spas, creating a feeling of indulgence when used. For smaller bathrooms, they have semi-inset stand-alone bathtubs.

Decorating with recycled or upcycled materials is going to make a big splash in bathrooms in 2015. Globally, everyone is becoming more aware of sustainable living and making the transition to this lifestyle. This can be as simple as using reclaimed wood for an artistic piece or using it to build a vanity.

Instead of giving the bathroom its own style, make it an extension of the rest of the house and décor. Bring in the style of the rest of the house with the wall colors, accent colors and the type of fixtures chosen. Gray became a trend-setting bathroom color in 2014, and will continue to live on in 2015. It pairs well with almost any color. Use it as a base and add a bright accent color, or infuse it with white to create a sleek look.

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