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New Year, New Kitchen

Organizing the home can be a fairly common New Year’s resolution, and is often needed after the holidays. If the kitchen is in a state of despair try some of these ideas to whip it back into shape.

Stash the Pots and Pans: Stacking them on top of each other means pulling out five different items when only the one on the bottom of the pile is needed. Trying installing a pot rack in an area where it could be out of the way, such as above an island. Or perhaps a pegboard on an open kitchen wall. Turning a cabinet into a pullout cabinet can be a great alternative as well. The dividers separate the pots and pans, making it convenient to get them in and out.

Tackle that Tupperware: Those plastic containers can quickly get out of control, causing an avalanche when the cabinet door opens. Separate and organize lids and containers by size and shape so they are much easier to stack. If a container is missing a lid or has become warped or badly stained, take the plunge and throw it out. Use containers to store the lids so they aren’t thrown about haphazardly and hard to find.

Spruce up the Spices: Throw away old spices and combine duplicate bottles to make more room. Organize it so the spices used less often are toward the back while the ones used more frequently are in the front.

Clear the Countertop: Appliances can take up an unnecessary amount of counter space, while hardly getting used. How often does that quesadilla press get used? What about that mini cupcake maker? If appliances do get used a decent amount, but not enough to be sitting out constantly, a nearby cupboard might be a better location. If they rarely get used, consider moving them to a basement or pantry area or even donating them. They’re just taking up valuable counter space.

Show off the China: Display pretty china or glassware on shelves or in cupboards with a glass front. This can simultaneously make the kitchen feel more open and display decorative pieces that have been hidden away. Displaying them on shelving can also make more room in the cupboards for appliances and other dishes.

Organizing the kitchen may seem like an impossible task, but once done it can bring a lot of stress relief into the home. Start the New Year with an organized and clutter free kitchen.

2015 Bathroom Design Trends

With a new year comes new design ideas and trends to follow. As bathrooms continue to transform into a spa-like experience, design trends lean toward a feeling of luxury and relaxation.

A trend that started in 2014 and is expected to continue in 2015 is dramatic floor tiles that make a statement. This can be an alternative to a statement wall or art piece. Bright, colorful tiles or tiles with an interesting design can bring a unique aesthetic element to a bathroom of any size.

There’s a continuing trend of bring the outdoors in with earthy materials that can bring a calming feeling to the bathroom. Some people also achieve this by decorating with live plants. Designers are falling in love with the idea of a “living wall,” where an entire wall of the bathroom is converted into a vertical garden of sorts. They can be beneficial to the environment and the occupants’ well-being along with being an interesting vocal point.

This year it’s all about the free-standing bathtub to create a feeling of rest and relaxation. These bathtubs mimic those found in spas, creating a feeling of indulgence when used. For smaller bathrooms, they have semi-inset stand-alone bathtubs.

Decorating with recycled or upcycled materials is going to make a big splash in bathrooms in 2015. Globally, everyone is becoming more aware of sustainable living and making the transition to this lifestyle. This can be as simple as using reclaimed wood for an artistic piece or using it to build a vanity.

Instead of giving the bathroom its own style, make it an extension of the rest of the house and décor. Bring in the style of the rest of the house with the wall colors, accent colors and the type of fixtures chosen. Gray became a trend-setting bathroom color in 2014, and will continue to live on in 2015. It pairs well with almost any color. Use it as a base and add a bright accent color, or infuse it with white to create a sleek look.

Need an old stand-alone bathtub resurfaced? Contact Refinish First. We can make even the oldest tub look new again.

Mix It Up in the Kitchen

Kitchen upgrades range from small and simple to large and expensive. Many homeowners can do minor updates themselves if they have the time and energy, like painting cabinets or walls. However, some upgrades require a professional, such as refinishing kitchen countertops or backsplashes.

Painting the walls or cupboards can be quick and fairly inexpensive options for updates to a kitchen. Sometimes all the room needs is a new pop of color to totally transform it. A backsplash can be a statement piece that visually impacts the kitchen in a huge way. Installing one, or having it refinished can be the starting point of creating a whole new look in the kitchen. Refinish First can refinish tile backsplashes. They offer three standard colors, custom colors, and over 30 choices in stone finishes.

New countertops can give the whole kitchen a facelift, especially if they’re damaged or just old and dull. Countertop refinishing is a job for the experts at Refinish First. Since 2008, they’ve refinished over 1,000 countertops. This is a great option for “new” countertops instead of completely replacing the old ones because it takes less time and is less expensive. If the kitchen is screaming for granite countertops, but the budget is screaming no, go with Refinish First. They can create a granite look, without the price tag.

Refinish First can transform the surfaces in the kitchen, making the entire room feel brand new. Contact them today for a free estimate.

Refinishing Mudrooms

Mudrooms are extremely useful to stop children and adults from tracking excess dirt and other debris around the house. They can also be great storage areas for boots, coats and other outdoor accessories. Often, because of the amount of traffic a mudroom sees, wear and tear can occur.

The basic elements of a mudroom start off with hooks or racks. This is for hanging outdoor essentials such as coats, hats, scarves and the like. Some type of cubby is usually present for other items that can’t be hung on a hook.

There is a trend of combining the laundry room and mudroom. This is a great option for a smaller house where both rooms are needed. Often the floors in these rooms are tile or concrete and are perfect to deal with the amount of moisture and dirt that gets tracked into them. The floors can easily become damaged over time from heavy use and need to be replaced. Instead of replacing the flooring, consider refinishing it. The experts at Refinish First can refinish many surfaces including tile and concrete for less than the cost of replacing.

Sinks are extremely useful in mudrooms. They can be used for washing dirt off of gardening tools, boots, or even cleaning animals depending on the size of the sink and the animal. Refinish First can also repair and refinish porcelain, acrylic and composite sinks. If the sink has become cracked or damaged from heavy use, consider refinishing instead of replacing it.