Tile Backsplashes

Tile isn’t just used for showers and floors, often it is used as a backsplash in kitchens. Backsplashes protect the wall from food splatter that can stain. They are easy to clean after cooking and also add some visual appeal to an otherwise boring part of the kitchen.

However, sometimes the backsplash no longer matches the kitchen because of a remodel. Refinish First can refinish the tile to match an existing color or create a custom color to match the new remodel. They could even make the backsplash the new accent color in the kitchen.

They can refinish tile in two days or less. The refinishing process is less messy than replacing the tile and costs less too. If it has become cracked or damaged, Refinish First can restore the tile before refinishing the surface. They also have the ability to replace the grout, which gets sealed during the refinishing process.

Because a tile backsplash is usually a small area, Refinish First can be in and out in a flash. Contact Refinish First today for your free estimate.


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