Picking a Color Scheme

Colors define the mood of a room. Choosing the right color scheme is important, especially in the bathroom. When choosing a color scheme for the bathroom, use the rule of three. The rule of three is picking one neutral, one rich color, and one accent.

After picking three different colors, use a proportion of 70/20/10 for distribution. The lightest color should make up 70 percent of the room, the second lightest 20 percent and the boldest color should only make up 10 percent of the room.

There is another rule of three involving color. Make sure each color is used at least three times in the room. This can be done with accents, furniture, towels and more.

To create a nice contrast, dark colors can really help balance the room out. If a bright hue is chosen, make sure to balance it with a neutral tone so avoid making the room too loud.

Homeowners who are having trouble deciding on a color scheme can use the rest of the house as inspiration. Take an accent color from another room and use it as the base color for the bathroom. This can tie the whole house together and take the hassle out of picking paint colors.


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