5 Tips to Make Small Bathrooms Feel Larger

Small bathrooms can be made to feel even smaller depending on how they are decorated or designed. Here are a few design tips to make a small bathroom feel larger than it really is:

  • Using lighter colors can make the room feel more open. Darker colors can make a room feel cave-like and cramped. This is especially true if the ceiling is painted a darker color.
  • Keep extra bathroom counter space by skipping that second sink. As luxurious it might feel to have two sinks in the bathroom, especially the master bath, it can cramp much needed counter space. The counter is used more when getting ready in the morning than the sink, so having more counter space than sink space is practical.
  • If more bathroom storage is needed, try adding a medicine cabinet above the toilet. That space is hardly ever used for anything except decorations, so why not turn it into a functional space. Many of the wall units have small shelves below the storage area for your decorations too.
  • Mirrors make rooms feel larger, so don’t be afraid to put a large one above the sink. They give the illusion of depth and reflect light, both natural and artificial, to make the room brighter.
  • Install a glass shower door instead of a curtain. It will give the room a more open feel because it doesn’t block off a section of the room.

Need a lighter color for the bathroom countertop, bathtub or tile? Contact Refinish First to lighten up the surfaces in the bathroom.


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