The Heart of the Home

Most people would agree that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is the location where families of all sizes gather together for food and fun and in many homes it’s the hotspot for homework too. It is often the focal point of the home used at both the beginning and ending of each day. Many people start out their day reading the paper while eating breakfast before work. After work, people come home and cook, eat dinner and catch up with family in the same place.

Guests are always impressed when shown a beautiful kitchen. They aren’t always as impressed with a newly renovated bathroom or freshly painted bedroom. A beautiful kitchen pulls focus from the rest of the house. Perhaps this is because it is not only aesthetically pleasing, but serves a much needed function as well.

The kitchen is also important when selling a house. Location and functionality are important aspects homebuyers look at when choosing a house. Streamlined, modern kitchens are becoming more desirable and kitchens that have an open layout are more popular than ever before. The kitchen has become a place to socialize instead of just prepare a meal.

Many newer kitchens now come with islands. This brings the countertop into the spotlight. An old, scratched, chipped countertop can make any kitchen look old and dingy. Homeowners don’t have to do a complete kitchen renovation to fix this issue. Countertops can be refinished to look brand new and last many more years. It’s a much more affordable option for making those countertops the star of the kitchen.

While not only being more affordable, refinishing countertops takes less time than a renovation, in which they are completely replaced. Homeowners can be back in the kitchen a lot sooner. Refinishing is also a good option for those wishing to sell their home. Since the kitchen has become such an important part of buying a home, refinishing the countertops, and even floors, can help sell the home faster and for a better price.

Refinish First has been refinishing and repairing surfaces in the Treasure Valley since 2008. They can refinish any countertops made of laminate, Formica, tile, solid surfaces, tile and cultured marble. Refinish First can match an existing color, create almost any existing color and also offer a stone look in many varieties and textures.

Homeowners who want to update their kitchen, or are getting ready to sell, should consider Refinish First. They can make the most important room in the house shine.


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