Quick Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen renovations don’t need to cost $50,000. If homeowners are working with a small budget, simple things like repainting, new lighting, replacing hardware and refinishing surfaces can make a huge difference without going over budget.

When it comes to cabinets, pre-manufactured are the way to go when looking for a thrifty solution. Most can be installed by the homeowners if they feel up to the challenge. If replacing cabinets seems too much, repainting or staining them is another option. Changing out the hardware such as the hinges and handles can drastically improve the look as well.

Changing out window treatments, hardware, such as sink faucets, and lighting can be quick fixes for a new kitchen look. A change in the window treatments can lead to a whole new color palette in the kitchen or try lighter window treatments to bring more natural light in, giving it a brighter, and more open feeling.

Refinishing surfaces in the kitchen can transform it into a completely different kitchen. Putting in new countertops can be expensive and time-intensive. Refinish First can refinish the countertops for way less than replacing and leave them looking brand new. Want the look of granite without recreating the price tag? Refinish First can provide a granite look and their refinishing process leaves countertops durable and seamless.

Refinish First can also repair and refinish ceramic tile flooring. They have three standard solid colors as well as more than 30 stone accent finishes. Custom colors are also available. Along with refinishing tile, they can repair chips, cracks and missing grout. Refinishing tile also seals grout, making it last longer.

Small changes can make a huge difference in the kitchen. Even when working with a small budget there are options to create a beautiful kitchen. Refinishing is one of those options. For questions or a free estimate, contact Refinish First.


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