Colorful Ideas

White is a fairly traditional color for bathrooms, but can get stale and boring after a while. White also has a tendency to show dirt rather easily, compared to other colors. To give a sterile, white bathroom a jolt, add some color to it.

An obvious way to incorporate color into the bathroom is to paint the walls. This can completely change the vibe of the room. Small spaces, like bathrooms, are great for trying out a bold color because if it doesn’t turn out, it’s fairly easy to repaint. Choose a color to create a new feeling in the room. Blue is calming and could help with relaxing while get ready for bed while yellow is bright and energetic and could be helpful in feeling awake in the morning.

If painting seems like too much of an endeavor, putting small colorful items in the bathroom can brighten it up. Paintings, flowers, decorative vases and more can dress up a plain bathroom and make it visually appealing. Pick a color palette and go all out.

A more basic approach would be to invest in colorful towels, bath mats, window treatments and an interesting shower curtain. Bathrooms require all of these things, so replacing them with something colorful is practical as well as decorative.

If the white bathtub or shower has become old and dingy, maybe it’s time to refinish the surface. Refinish First can recreate that pure white color, or go in a more fun and creative direction. They can create almost any custom color and offer many stone finishes to glam up that boring bathroom.


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