Clean and Clutter Free

Kitchen counters get a lot of traffic. They get spilled on, dripped on, burned, scratched and more. If not cleaned properly, they can become a breeding ground for bacteria, something nobody wants near their food. Kitchen counters are also a place of clutter. Dirty dishes, appliances and other items get left there, making cooking an obstacle course. Having a regular cleaning routine can help cut down on kitchen messes and clutter.

Food prep areas should be cleaned each time they are used. Warm water and dish detergent work well for this every day type of cleaning. Make sure to dry the counter completely to discourage the growth of bacteria. For deeper cleaning, a nonabrasive cleaner and sponge or microfiber towel can be used. Some surfaces, like natural stone, concrete, wood and engineered quartz, require the use of a soap and warm water mixture to clean them. Vinegar shouldn’t be used on wood counters due to the possibility of it dissolving the glue holding it together and bleach or ammonia can ruin the sealant and dull concrete counters. Researching the best type of cleaners for different kitchen surfaces is always a good decision before cleaning them.

If kitchen counters have become damaged, old or worn out, Refinish First can refinish laminate, tile, solid surfaces and cultured marble. The surface will look like new for a fraction of the cost and time associated with a kitchen remodel.

For keeping the counters clutter free, it’s all about developing habits. Many times, things get tossed and left on the counter. Junk mail is a pretty common culprit. Instead of bringing mail into the kitchen area and leaving it, sort through it at the door. Get rid of junk mail right away to keep it from building up. Have a basket set somewhere for the important mail.

When cooking meals, pots, pans and all sorts of other cookware can pile up in no time. If possible, the best option is to wash them as soon as they’re done being used. Or wash them right after the meal is over. Also, if dishes are air-dried, try not to leave them on the counter overnight. Have a routine for putting them away once they’re dry.

Find more practical places for items. Kitchen towels can be hung up on the oven, the refrigerator, or a special hook. They’re also less likely to get lost that way. Appliances that don’t get used often can be put in cupboards, if there’s room. One idea to free up the counter space that the coffee maker occupies is to create a little coffee bar or station. Get a simple roll cart or shelf and place it against an empty space on the wall. The coffee maker can go on top while all the fixings can go down below on shelves. This can be a fun little craft project and ensures everything for coffee is in one spot.

Creating routines and habits can help keep kitchen countertops clean and clear. This can have a positive effect on other life aspects, such as stress levels.


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