Bathroom Maintenance

Bathtubs and showers have a reputation for building up grime from remnants of dirt, debris and soap. This can cause the growth of mildew on bathroom surfaces. Cleaning and maintenance of these areas is the key to stopping the growth of mildew and keeping bathroom surfaces attractive.

The type of cleaner for different surfaces varies. Generally, a nonabrasive liquid cleaning solution can be used on most surfaces. Shower curtains are infamous for attracting mildew. A good preventative measure is to wipe it down with a dry towel after each use along with regular cleaning.

Grout doesn’t take well to water. If in contact for a prolonged period of time it can become damaged and mildew can form. Cleaning helps this, but tile and grout need a little more care than other materials. Each year the condition of the grout and tile should be checked. If any tiles have become loose or damaged or there is damaged grout, it is time to make repairs. The experts at Refinish First can repair chipped tiles, replace missing grout and seal the grout when they refinish a surface in your home.

As with grout, caulk and sealants can deteriorate and be subject to water damage. To prevent this, caulk and sealant should be inspected annually and fixed as necessary. Damaged caulking should be removed and the unit resealed.

Doors on bathtubs and showers can present their own set of problems as well. If standing water is found in the base or track of the door, the drainage system isn’t working properly. Small holes can be drilled into the track to allow water to drain. If standing water if left uncorrected, mildew can become a problem in the door.

Regular and careful maintenance can prevent most damage on bathroom surfaces. If damage has occurred, Refinish First can help return the surfaces to new. Contact us today for a free bathroom refinishing estimate.


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