Decorating the Guest Bathroom

Guest bathrooms can be pretty plain. Instead of throwing some mismatched towels on the towel racks and a dollar store soap bottle on the counter, try some different decorating ideas to make them feel more welcome.

The first step in freshening up the guest bathroom and making guests feel welcome is to deep clean it. Get rid of rust and grime that can build up on surfaces and faucets. If the bathroom is in need of a surface update, whether it be the counters, bathtub or shower, Refinish First can help make them look like new.

If the storage cupboard isn’t being fully utilized, take the door off and make it open shelving. Then add soaps, towels and other amenities on the shelves or quaint stands or trays like in a hotel bathroom. Another option is to make a nice tray for the counter or back of the toilet if the cupboard is in use. Have loofahs, toothpaste and other small items they may have forgotten to pack available.

Switching out boring beige or white walls for a brighter color can really change the mood. Add stencils or wall decals for some visual interest. Bright colors can wake up a room and add to the décor without too much effort.

Fluffy towels are an easy way to make the bathroom feel luxurious and make guests appreciative when they step out of the shower. Pair this with aromatherapy candles for a little spa experience.

Fresh flowers are another great way to bring life to any room. They exude a fresh floral aroma and add a touch of nature. Change types of flowers with the seasons or match them to the existing decorations.

Make sure not to crowd the space with too many decorative items, a few small things can transform a room. Start with the basics and make sure the shower surfaces and countertops are in good shape. From there, find a little inspiration and have fun creating a B & B style guest bathroom.


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