Beauty Product Storage Ideas

Beauty products can take up a lot of room in the bathroom and just look messy. However, there are some unique ways to store and display these so they not only look pretty, but are also functional.

Perfume can be displayed on a spice rack or cake stand for easy access and a decorative piece. Fill a flower vase or mason jar with beads or coffee beans and stick makeup brushes in it. Coffee beans will fill the room with a delicious aroma and it will be easier to find the correct brush. If counter space is limited, try putting makeup and brushes into an old pencil case or a utensil tray in a drawer.

A magazine rack could be a great place to house curling irons and straighteners to avoid a tangled mess. Other options include hooks or a hanging shoe organizer. If multiple hair product bottles adorn the counter, try putting them in a wine rack. Makeup palettes can also be organized in a desk file organizer.

Digging around to find a certain shade of eye shadow can be frustrating but they will be much easier to sort through if they are on display. Attaching magnets to makeup compacts and sticking them to a decorative metal board hung on a wall frees up some counter space while adding a unique embellishment. Magnetic strips also work great for pesky bobby pins.

There are many creative uses for everyday items that can help transform the bathroom from a messy disaster to an organized oasis. Share some of your unique bathroom decorating on our Facebook page or on our Pinterest page.


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