Refinishing Cultured Marble

Cultured marble is a low cost alternative to provide a marbled look and can be created in many shapes and sizes but has its limitations. The top coat on cultured marble is a tinted, cast polymer with plastic gel layered on top to recreate the shine of genuine marble. This gel coat can easily become cracked and discolored over time. It can also be burned if it comes into contact with heat for an extended period. In addition, abrasive cleaning products will quickly damage cultured marble.

If any of these issues sound familiar and you find yourself unhappy with a cultured marble countertop, Refinish First can resurface cultured marble countertops and showers. They can repair the chips, cracks and burns that happen over time. Not only will the new surface look great but the entire process takes less than a week.

Refinishing can dramatically update countertops and made them look brand new. Refinish First can create almost any color or a stone look is also available with many different color and texture options.

If that cultured marble countertop is looking outdated, has lost its shine or has become worn and cracked, call Refinish First to get a free estimate.


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