Colorful Kitchens

Homeowners are getting bolder with color choices when painting walls. Some colors go better than others in the kitchen. When looking for the best color to complement newly refinished countertops in the kitchen, its best to keep in mind how each color could affect the overall feeling of the room.

Red is a stimulating color that brings warmth into the room. It can increase appetites and has an energizing quality to it. However, too much of it can overpower a room. Red goes nicely with warm wood tones and can pop when paired with contrasting cooler tones.

White is taken for granted a lot of the time. People see it as boring, but if done right, it can really brighten up the kitchen. Stepping into an all-white kitchen to grab that first cup of coffee, might eliminate the need for caffeine all together. White feels fresh, clean and full of energy.

Blue brings a relaxing vibe to the kitchen. It can also be reminiscent of the beach if lighter tones are used. It doesn’t command too much attention and will provide a tranquil setting. If the kitchen gets a little hectic now and then, try adding some blue hues. It might help to calm nerves and tempers.

For those morning people, yellow is a good choice. This bright and cheerful hue promotes mental stimulation, making it a good color to wake up with. It has been a staple in country kitchens, bringing a cozy vibe to the space.

Bring nature indoors with green kitchen walls. A very positive color, green also helps to relieve stress like blue, but has an energizing quality like yellow. It goes well with white or wood cabinetry.

Whether it’s an accent wall, or the whole kitchen, color is important to creating a mood. It can also enhance or distract from kitchen cabinets and countertops. Just getting started on a new kitchen project? Contact Refinish First to select the right countertop color as the cornerstone of the kitchen.


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