A Spa-Like Experience

The first step in turning an ordinary bathroom into a spa-like experience is to deep clean and de-clutter. A clean, clutter free room provides an open, refreshing feeling even before additional changes are completed. Start by organizing everything into drawers, cupboards, baskets or whatever fits best in the space. After organizing comes deep cleaning. Mildew can be a health hazard as well as an unpleasant sight. Getting rid of mildew and hard water stains can greatly improve the look and feel of the bathroom. If the tub or shower is beyond repair, refinishing them can make them look brand new again.

For a spa-like bathroom, a shower-tub combination is a great option when a quick shower often fits the schedule best but a long soak in the bubble bath is sometimes needed. A claw foot tub can be the ultimate for relaxation. These can be refinished to look like new and look especially great in an older style or country home.

A shower-head with good pressure is a must-have. There are even shower heads that mimic the feeling of falling rain. Choose one to match your personality or select one with a variety of settings to match changing moods.

If splurging is in the budget, heated floors in the bathroom can take away the chill during the colder months. Sometimes there is nothing worse than getting out of a warm shower or bath only to step onto a cold floor.

Lighting can dramatically impact the mood of a room. Consider installing lighting with a dimmer switch or turn off the lights completely and use scented candles to set the mood. They not only bring a soft, flickering light, but also soothing smells to enhance the relaxation factor. Reed diffusers are also another option for bringing relaxing aromas into the bathroom. With a wide variety of essential oil fragrances, it’s easy to find one to suit every mood.

Music is a common tool used to unwind and is often heard in spas. Create a playlist to be used only in the bathroom spa or invest in a stereo. This can be comprised of lyrical songs, classical music or relaxing noises such as a babbling brook.

The spa experience doesn’t have to end when stepping out of the tub or shower. Afterward, dry off with a plush towel before slipping into a thick robe.


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