Restaurant Renovations

When restaurants become a little worn down, it is easy to replace chairs, booths and carpet, but some surfaces are a little harder to keep looking new without doing some major remodeling. Before considering a costly remodel, keep in mind that kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, countertops and table tops can all be refinished to look brand new.

A rundown looking restaurant can be a deterrent for customers and end up hurting business. But keeping everything looking like new can be expensive and time-consuming. Surfaces, especially table tops, often get scratched or damaged. These can be refinished to look like new and last up to 20 years or more.

Restaurant kitchens take a beating from the multitude of pots, pans, knifes and hot plates. Instead of shutting down the restaurant for days to replace these surfaces, a better option is to refinish them. It requires less time and less construction mess making it much easier for the business owner.

Restaurant bathrooms get a barrage of visitors every day. They get way more traffic than the average at-home bathroom and need updated more often. This can get expensive if fixtures, such as sinks, need to be replaced frequently. Refinishing can cut down on this cost by making the fixtures look like new and they will last a lot longer.

Even if the restaurant isn’t in need of an update, but just needs an updated décor and color scheme, Refinish First can help. Refinish First can create almost any custom color and they have a variety of colors and textures in a stone look.

If you’re restaurant is in need of an update, Refinish First can get the job done!


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