Conventional Ovens vs. Toaster Ovens

Ovens have long since been a staple in every kitchen. They are used for baking, roasting, broiling, reheating food and toasting. But with the introduction of the toaster oven, they have found themselves gathering dust in some kitchens.

Conventional ovens have their perks like being able to hold larger quantities of food, keeping the temperature steady during cooking, and they keep getting more technologically advanced. With a conventional oven, the air inside is heated and then gradually cooks the food from the outside in.

They can also have their drawbacks, however. The size that some love for the convenience of cooking multiple dishes at once, some find unattractive and unnecessary. When cooking multiple dishes, sometimes they cook unevenly. They also use a lot of unnecessary energy for some smaller tasks. Many people avoid using the oven as much as possible during the summer months because it tends to heat up the house.

Toaster ovens, which function as mini ovens, are often a better option for every-day cooking. They take up less space than their bulky cousins and can do almost as much, sometimes with great efficiency. They have a lower cost and can be built into cabinets or just have a place on the countertop. With their smaller size, they cannot cook larger items, which can be a drawback for consumers. But with their diversity of being able to broil, bake, toast, defrost, roast and dehydrate they can be the perfect option for smaller or medium cooking projects. A toaster oven may be the perfect complement to your newly refinished countertop.


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