Save Some Space

With more and more kitchen gadgets coming out, finding space to store them can be difficult. There are some space-savers that can help you maximize your entire kitchen. Check out these ideas to help you get rid of the clutter.

Putting your trash can in a cabinet instead of out in the open can save you some space. This is also essential for people with small children or nosy dogs who like to get into the trash while you’re not looking. Many people simply put the trash can on the floor under the sink, but there are other options for hiding it in the cupboards. You can attach it to the back of the cupboards or have it slide in and out of a cabinet. To do this, tracks can be mounted on the bottom of the cabinet’s interior.

Corner cabinets can be annoying when storing and retrieving items. By installing pull-out shelves, or a lazy Susan you can make it much easier to store and find things in these impossibly tiny corner areas.

Pot racks and spice racks can help free up some of that prime cupboard space. They also make things easier to access and can add a unique charm as well. Putting your microwave in a built-in cabinet or mounting it above the stove can give you a big chunk of free counter space.

Get clear or decorative jars to use for flour, sugar or other items that can bring a flair to the kitchen counter. This way they are on hand and you can make more room in the cupboard by getting rid of those big bulky bags.

Kitchens can become cluttered and overflowing real quick, but with some ideas and ingenuity you can come up with ways to save some space and put everything in its place.


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