Change Up the Bathroom

Another room in the house that could use a little love is the bathroom. Bathroom remodels can take a lot of time and money, but you don’t always have to spend a lot of either to create a new look in that outdated bathroom.

Painting the walls can be the first step toward a new bathroom look. You can find a color that inspires a whole theme or go for a basic color and create a pattern on the walls. Different colors bring different responses. Go with blue for a feeling of peace and tranquility or green or a nature inspired look.

Update the flooring. While this can be a long process or spendy, there are less expensive alternatives, like refinishing old tile.

Up the style of that plain, boring mirror with a border or put a frame around it. Depending on the size you can get one from a craft or thrift store or get a frame kit made for this type of project.

Paint your vanity a different color and refinish the countertop and sink. Doing this can make it seem like you tore out the old one and replaced it with something new, but it will cost you way less. Add wall sconces or strip lights to brighten the place up and add a decorative touch.

Ditch the flat mirror for a medicine cabinet and mirror combo. These can come in many styles and finishes to suit your theme. Storage is always welcome in the bathroom, especially a small one.

Adding pictures can always bring an interesting focal point into the bathroom. Choose pictures that go with your theme or vibe like scenery shots of the beach for a beach or tropical theme.

With a few coats of paint and inspiration you can change up that boring, old bathroom into whatever you want, light, vibrant or cool and relaxed. Make sure to get in touch with experts like Refinish First if you’re wanting to refinish any surfaces.


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