Restaurant Renovations

When restaurants become a little worn down, it is easy to replace chairs, booths and carpet, but some surfaces are a little harder to keep looking new without doing some major remodeling. Before considering a costly remodel, keep in mind that kitchen surfaces, bathrooms, countertops and table tops can all be refinished to look brand new.

A rundown looking restaurant can be a deterrent for customers and end up hurting business. But keeping everything looking like new can be expensive and time-consuming. Surfaces, especially table tops, often get scratched or damaged. These can be refinished to look like new and last up to 20 years or more.

Restaurant kitchens take a beating from the multitude of pots, pans, knifes and hot plates. Instead of shutting down the restaurant for days to replace these surfaces, a better option is to refinish them. It requires less time and less construction mess making it much easier for the business owner.

Restaurant bathrooms get a barrage of visitors every day. They get way more traffic than the average at-home bathroom and need updated more often. This can get expensive if fixtures, such as sinks, need to be replaced frequently. Refinishing can cut down on this cost by making the fixtures look like new and they will last a lot longer.

Even if the restaurant isn’t in need of an update, but just needs an updated décor and color scheme, Refinish First can help. Refinish First can create almost any custom color and they have a variety of colors and textures in a stone look.

If you’re restaurant is in need of an update, Refinish First can get the job done!


The Refinishing Process

Refinishing the surfaces in your home or business comes with many benefits. It is generally faster and cheaper than if you choose to replace these surfaces. This creates less downtime, a big bonus for businesses especially. The labor involved is reduced, although the process does have many steps.

When refinishing a bathtub, the surface is cleaned thoroughly before an acid is applied to make the surface rough. This prevents the possibility of peeling or chipping later and helps the glaze adhere to the tub. The glaze is left to cure, and then the bathtub is sanded, buffed and polished. Bathtubs typically take only three to five hours to refinish and are ready to use within 24 hours.

When refinishing tile, it is first washed to get rid of any residue. Any chips that are present are filled in and then the tiles are re-grouted. Lastly, the finish is applied.

Countertop and tile refinishing from Refinish First comes with two different options. They can do a solid color or speckled finish or a stone finish. Countertops can also be repaired if they are accidentally scorched or chipped. The actual time required for the refinishing process can vary slightly depending on the finish option chosen for countertops.

The refinishing process can be done on many different surfaces from porcelain and cultured marble to laminate and tile. The bonding agent used by Refinish First creates a chemical bond between the old and new surface creating a surface that can last for 15 to 20 years or longer with the proper care.

If you’re less than happy with your bathtub, countertops or shower tile, contact Refinish First for a free estimate.

Tub to Shower Conversions

Bathrooms with only a shower are becoming more popular. The American Institute of Architects conducted a survey in 2013 finding that more than 60 percent of homeowners preferred a stall shower without a tub. This is good news if you’re thinking about doing a tub to shower conversion.

If the bathtub you’re wanting to remove is in an alcove in the bathroom, then you already have the perfect spot to put the shower. Although, you must make sure the ceiling height is 80 inches and the shower is 30 by 30 inches to comply with the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s guidelines.

Then comes decisions, such as what type of door you’re going to install. Or if you even plan on having a door at all. Should you install a curbless shower or put in a shower pan with curbs. When thinking about the conversion, try to make sure the toilet area isn’t going to be too crowded. You wouldn’t want the shower door to swing into the toilet or vanity. You could opt for a sliding door if you have a smaller bathroom. Installing a shower with curbs is easier and cheaper than going curbless.

You can also convert your bathtub into a walk-in bathtub. This is a great option for homes with children or elderly residents. It can reduce the number of accidents in the bathroom.

Refinish First can answer any questions you may have about converting your bathtub into a walk-in or shower.

Conventional Ovens vs. Toaster Ovens

Ovens have long since been a staple in every kitchen. They are used for baking, roasting, broiling, reheating food and toasting. But with the introduction of the toaster oven, they have found themselves gathering dust in some kitchens.

Conventional ovens have their perks like being able to hold larger quantities of food, keeping the temperature steady during cooking, and they keep getting more technologically advanced. With a conventional oven, the air inside is heated and then gradually cooks the food from the outside in.

They can also have their drawbacks, however. The size that some love for the convenience of cooking multiple dishes at once, some find unattractive and unnecessary. When cooking multiple dishes, sometimes they cook unevenly. They also use a lot of unnecessary energy for some smaller tasks. Many people avoid using the oven as much as possible during the summer months because it tends to heat up the house.

Toaster ovens, which function as mini ovens, are often a better option for every-day cooking. They take up less space than their bulky cousins and can do almost as much, sometimes with great efficiency. They have a lower cost and can be built into cabinets or just have a place on the countertop. With their smaller size, they cannot cook larger items, which can be a drawback for consumers. But with their diversity of being able to broil, bake, toast, defrost, roast and dehydrate they can be the perfect option for smaller or medium cooking projects. A toaster oven may be the perfect complement to your newly refinished countertop.

Updating School Bathrooms

School bathrooms and locker rooms obviously get a lot of use throughout the school year. Cleaning can only do so much to make them look nice year after year. After a while the tile starts to chip and everything looks a little dingy.

One way to update these bathrooms and locker rooms so they look like new is to refinish the surfaces of the showers, sinks and tile. This can breathe life like into the fixtures and improve the overall look of the space and even the school.

You’ll be able to stretch the budget by refinishing the bathrooms or locker rooms rather than replacing fixtures and tile. Replacing sinks, countertops, tile and showers can be extremely costly and can leave the room unusable for extended periods of time. But with Refinish First, it doesn’t have to be.

Refinishing costs less than an entire remodel since the refinishing process applies a new surface rather than removing all the fixtures and tile. You can save up to 75 percent when you decide to refinish instead of replace. The entire process can be done in a couple of days rather than weeks and Refinish First stocks the materials needed for refinishing. Refinish First can also repair many different types of surfaces, such as porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, laminate, tile and more.

If the school your child attends has bathrooms or locker rooms that could use a little sprucing up before school starts, keep Refinish First in mind. We’d be happy to work with your school PTA or administration to get the school bathrooms and locker rooms looking top notch in no time!

Mini Kitchen Makeovers

Sometimes we need a little change in our lives. Why not start with your home décor. Not all change has to be big, grand or expensive. Sometimes mini makeovers can help spruce up our living spaces, like the kitchen, without breaking the bank.

Add a little pop of color, maybe coordinating with the season, to your chair cushions. All you need is some fabric and a staple gun. Changing up the chair cushions at your kitchen table, island, bar or maybe all three can be a simple way to brighten up the kitchen or celebrate a certain holiday.

Organizing your storage areas like pantry and cupboards can create a less chaotic environment by getting rid of the clutter. Invest in a couple Lazy Susans and tin can racks and find a spot for everything. You’ll feel a lot better without the mess and it will be easier to find everything you need.

Have any old pictures hanging out around the house you wouldn’t mind getting rid of? Use the frame to make a gallery wall. Paint them with some latex paint and put knick knacks inside them like decorative plates or teacups. It’s an inexpensive way to add a visual element to an otherwise boring wall.

If you have too many cookbooks and nowhere to put them, add some shelves to a bare wall to save on counter space. You can also add fresh flowers and cute figurines on the shelves. It can double as storage and decoration.

Add some color to boring, plain window shades. Window shades serve an important purpose, but they don’t have to be unstylish. Use some paint and create a cute pattern on the shades in your kitchen windows.

Get a stylish rack to put your spices on. They will be easier for you to search through and grab while cooking. Put your spatulas, wooden spoons and whisks in a cute, cheap vase on the kitchen counter. They will also be easier to grab while adding a cute touch to the kitchen area.

Rugs have long been a fix for adding life into a boring space. Put one in the kitchen to guard the floor from spills and damage, but to also add a colorful, fun element to the kitchen. If you’re worried about cleaning it, try a flat weave or indoor-outdoor rug.

Show off those expensive and pretty pots and pans by hanging them on a rack. If you have the room to spare on a bare wall, use a simple rod like those used for curtains and add some S hooks to it. This can create a restaurant feel and open up some room in those crowded cupboards.

Use open shelving and put dishes on display. Why buy all those plates and bowls with the pretty pattern if they’re going to sit in the cupboard? Using open shelving can create an open and airy vibe in the kitchen.

Make a window treatment with leftover fabric and a tension rod for the window above the kitchen sink. You still get the natural light, but add a cute, decorative detail.

You can create a whole new space with small changes. Try a few of the ideas above to brighten, organize or show off your kitchen. Or try refinishing your countertops and sink for a whole new look. Contact Refinish First if you’re wanting to create a new kitchen style.

Change Up the Bathroom

Another room in the house that could use a little love is the bathroom. Bathroom remodels can take a lot of time and money, but you don’t always have to spend a lot of either to create a new look in that outdated bathroom.

Painting the walls can be the first step toward a new bathroom look. You can find a color that inspires a whole theme or go for a basic color and create a pattern on the walls. Different colors bring different responses. Go with blue for a feeling of peace and tranquility or green or a nature inspired look.

Update the flooring. While this can be a long process or spendy, there are less expensive alternatives, like refinishing old tile.

Up the style of that plain, boring mirror with a border or put a frame around it. Depending on the size you can get one from a craft or thrift store or get a frame kit made for this type of project.

Paint your vanity a different color and refinish the countertop and sink. Doing this can make it seem like you tore out the old one and replaced it with something new, but it will cost you way less. Add wall sconces or strip lights to brighten the place up and add a decorative touch.

Ditch the flat mirror for a medicine cabinet and mirror combo. These can come in many styles and finishes to suit your theme. Storage is always welcome in the bathroom, especially a small one.

Adding pictures can always bring an interesting focal point into the bathroom. Choose pictures that go with your theme or vibe like scenery shots of the beach for a beach or tropical theme.

With a few coats of paint and inspiration you can change up that boring, old bathroom into whatever you want, light, vibrant or cool and relaxed. Make sure to get in touch with experts like Refinish First if you’re wanting to refinish any surfaces.