Replacing vs. Refinishing in the Bathroom

When remodeling the bathroom, replacing or refinishing your bathtub can make a world of difference. When deciding whether replacing or refinishing is right for your bathroom remodel there are factors to consider such as labor, time, cost, and quality.

Refinishing takes significantly less labor than replacing a bathtub. Hiring a professional takes even less labor and will ensure the project turns out looking great. When replacing a tub it must be demolished and taken out. Flooring and pipes might have to be replaced as well. When refinishing, the tub stays where it is and so does everything else.

Replacing a tub can make the entire bathroom unusable and there could be unforeseen problems causing it to take longer than expected. With refinishing, the bathtub will only be out of commission less than 2 days, much less time than demolishing and replacing.

Having someone come in and replace your bath tub can also be costly. Refinishing is a less expensive alternative because it involves applying a new surface to the existing fixture and at Refinish First, our work comes with a guarantee! If you choose to have your bath tub professionally refinished, it often ends up being a higher quality than newer fixtures purchased in a store. Newer bath tubs aren’t made with the same quality material or craftsmanship as older models.

Refinishing your bath tub involves little to no labor on your part, takes less time, typically costs less than replacing and has a better quality. If you are interested in a bathroom remodel remember to Refinish First!


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