Create a Safe Space

Bathrooms can be a place of disasters, and not just the kind involving hair. More than 200,000 people are injured in the bathroom each year according to the National Safety Council. There are ways you can lower the risks associated with the bathroom.

In a room that is full of water and slippery surfaces, traction is a must. Refinish First offers slip resistant surfaces for both tubs and shower pans. It is chemically bonded to the floor to withstand cracking or peeling and will hold up much longer than traction mats or stick on daisies.

Grab bars installed in the shower, next to the bathtub or toilet can help everyone, but especially older adults. They’ve become more eye-pleasing over the years and come in many finishes.

Water temperature is a risk not thought of often. Most water heaters are set at 140 degrees and that temperature can burn sensitive skin in seconds. By turning the water heater down to 120 degrees this can be prevented. An option for monitoring temperature are anti-scald valves. They come in two types. The thermostatic type senses temperature and the pressure balanced senses pressure changes. There are also anti-scald devices that can be placed between the shower head and pipe neck.

When putting in a new shower, arrange the controls so they are easy to access from inside and outside the water stream. A shower bench is ideal for helping to maintain balance while shaving your legs. Having a shower pan that sits flush with the floor makes it easier to get in and out of and can minimize falls. Did you know Refinish first can convert bath tubs into a walk-in tub? This provides for easy access and minimizes falls as well.

Even small things such as wiping up puddles, putting electrical appliances away and putting in a nightlight can help make the bathroom a much safer place for people of all ages.


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