Kitchen Appliances Gone Wild!

People are coming up with some crazy kitchen appliances these days. The Huffington Post took a look at a few they decided were ridiculous, yet awesome at the same time. These are unnecessary, but would be fun to have, especially for entertaining.

We all remember going to the mall when we were younger and heading straight for the soft pretzel stand. There’s just something about that soft, fresh-baked pretzel and hot, gooey cheese that makes our mouths water. Well now you can make them at home! Smart Planet has come up with a machine that makes five soft pretzels and the cheese dip at the same time. They aren’t as big as the ones we devour at the mall, but will definitely satisfy those cravings.

What goes best with ice cream? A waffle cone of course. But what if you want to eat your ice cream out of a bowl? You make a waffle bowl. BELLA has a waffle bowl maker that can make waffle bowls or cookie bowls. Now, these could be used for things other than ice cream, like fruit, but we all know ice cream sounds way better. This is perfect for those who love waffle cones, but prefer to eat their ice cream with a spoon.

Slushies and milkshakes are perfect on a hot summer day. But having to drag the blender out to make them can be a pain. And then there’s the hassle of cleaning it. Zoku created an 8 ounce slush and shake maker that creates delicious frozen treats right before your eyes. One cup, half the hassle. It can even make frozen alcoholic drinks. The possibilities are endless.

Fondue fountains are probably one of the most interactive dessert options out there. Dip anything in chocolate and it becomes even more of a treat. Or turn it into a savory option with cheese. These fountains will never stop being fun and are always a great option for big gatherings.

A big craze to hit the streets is mini donuts. People are lining up down the street at Saturday markets to devour these precious glazed rings of dough. If standing in line is not your thing, make them yourself. Nostalgia Electrics has a mini donut factory that makes up to 30 donuts per batch in 90 seconds. Besides being adorably mini, eating a handful of these feels a lot less guilty than eating the big cream-filled ones.

Coca Cola has been around since 1892. So what would be more cool and retro than a Coca Cola frozen beverage maker? It’s like going down to the malt shop on the corner with the convenience of staying at home. It makes about four 8-ounce drinks of just about anything you want.

For those mornings you need to take your breakfast to go, use your handy breakfast sandwich maker. This gadget makes it possible to cook every part of your sandwich in one appliance. It’s quick, it’s easy and makes breakfast a breeze. Fast food breakfast beware.


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