Bathroom Trends to Keep an Eye On


Technology has found its way into every part of our lives, and now it’s in our bathrooms.  Showerheads with wireless speakers, toilets that play AM/FM radio and music hydrotherapy bathtubs are some of the newest features to enter the market. Adding audio to the bathroom can create a spa-like atmosphere or keep you informed by playing the news while you get ready for the day.

A vessel sink, a free-standing sink that sits directly on the countertop, can add an element of elegance to any bathroom. These sinks, based on the design of Chinese washbasins, can be made of cast iron, glass, natural stone and more. There are some things to think about when looking into a vessel sink. The counter height needs to be slightly shorter since the sink will be sitting on top instead of sunk into the counter. Also, the faucet needs to reach to the middle of the sink. Otherwise it will hit the side and cause splashing. With numerous design possibilities this trend could stick around and become a standard bathroom fixture.

Nature can also be reflected in the bathroom, not just with plants, but with the materials and colors used in the space. Using organic colors and textures, such as stone, wood, marble and metal your bathroom can radiate comfort and style at the same time. Different colors, patterns and fixtures can create the perfect earthy tone or crisp, radiant vibe to bring the natural world into your home.

Another trend that is always on point is the classic look. Using vintage or vintage-inspired pieces you can create a bathroom that will never go out of style. Keeping it natural with stone, brick, wood, slate or other man-made materials for the floors, walls and cabinets creates a more realistic vintage feel. Bright whites and tile flooring can give the bathroom the “sanitary style” that became popular after the turn of the century. This classic design brings elegance from its simplicity and has an easy-care advantage. A decorative mirror or gilded frame can add the perfect statement piece for your vintage-inspired bathroom.

Some say less is more. The minimalist style bathroom’s clean lines and thoughtful restraint echo just that. This style has a purposeful lack of decoration and draws inspiration from nature. The colors are kept neutral, mirroring clouds, sand and river rock. The fixtures are sleek and simple with a touch of elegance. This design would work well for those who like to keep it simple and despise clutter.

If you already love the layout and fixtures of your bathroom but would like to freshen up the colors, Refinish First can refinish your existing fixtures and countertops for that perfect look for your bathroom.


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