Customize Your Existing Solid Surface Counter

Accidents happen. Perhaps you set a hot pan on your counter and ended up with a burn mark or perhaps your young cook forgot the cutting board and accidently gouged your counter top. These things happen to all of us. However, countertops are the chief focal point in your kitchen and unfortunately, if they are damaged, it reflects on the entire kitchen. Regardless of the reason, if your kitchen countertops aren’t looking their best, Refinish First has the solution.

Refinishing your countertops allows you to benefit from a new and updated surface, rid yourself of the scratches, dings and burn marks on your current countertops, and save money over replacing your existing countertop. At the same time, you can achieve an updated look to match just about any color that you can imagine. We also offer finishes that can give your countertop the appearance of stone. These new finishes are available in a wide variety of colors and textures.

Although color matching is a great feature, the durability of a Refinish First newly resurfaced countertop is often considered our finest feature. Your new countertop also comes with our Refinish First guarantee. Contact Refinish First today for your free kitchen countertop refinishing estimate.


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