Bowling Alleys: Saving on Renovations

Bowling alleys are a great place to relax and enjoy a family evening out. Unfortunately, many alleys have been around for decades and are in desperate need of repair. Areas such as bathroom and concession surfaces, scoring tables, tile floors, countertops and even tables receive heavy and often abusive treatment. Despite understanding the repairs they need, owners are frequently torn between wanting to keep their business looking nice and the loss of revenue that would occur if they closed even a portion of their business to make repairs. Refinish First has the answer to this dilemma.

Refinish First offers floor, counter, and tile restoration services that cost a fraction of the price to fully remodel an establishment like a bowling alley, but our services will still provide that same freshly remodeled appeal. As an added benefit, we can do larger refinishing jobs, such as these, in a few days rather than weeks of hassle, closures, and limitations.

In short, if you are (or know of) a bowling alley or other business needing surface repairs, help them out by letting them know about Refinish First. Who knows they may thank you with a free game of bowling!


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