What to Know When Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Remodeling your bathroom is wonderful in concept and certainly provides amazing results. It is also very easy to spend far more than you intend while turning what you hoped would be a problem solving project into a time consuming and expensive undertaking.

Another option instead of removing everything down to the studs is to work with what you have and add where you can. Leaving a bathtub/shower in place and resurfacing is far more affordable than removing. When you decide to remove something big like a bathtub or shower, you need to address framing whatever you hope to add back into the space which means properly installing new waterproof backers like green board and caulking which is time consuming and expensive. What you don’t see behind the new tub/shower, will cost as much or more than what you do end up seeing and using. If you want a bright, clean shower, then get it resurfaced, rather than starting over.

If you decide to do a full remodel; changing plumbing, walls or electrical wiring, you may need design assistance and may even require special permits. All of this takes time and money. It is much more affordable to leave everything in the original place and change finishes. Adding new finishes will give you the fresh new look you crave.

Another important consideration when it comes to full remodels is the demolition required. Many elements need to be removed and hauled off to the land fill. Either you take the time to remove everything or you hire someone to remove the old to make way for the new. Then, you either need to haul the debris in a trailer and pay for the disposal yourself or rent a dumpster and pay that fee. No matter how you choose to get rid of demolished materials, there are cost and time consequences.

If you have a tile floor, why not get it refinished? When Refinish First refinishes tile, all issues like cracks and chips are repaired, then coatings are placed over the top. The final product looks like new, is whatever color you want and is as strong as a new floor. When you resurface a floor, you avoid the cost of removal and get a great new floor. This is a fantastic way to save time and money.

What do you have for a bathroom counter? If it is porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, tile or cultured stone, we can resurface it in the color of your choice. This transforms the counter at a much reduced price. Maybe change the mirror, lighting and towel bar to continue the transformation.

When you decide to refinish and resurface your bathroom, you end up with a new room for a far more affordable price than replacing. Maybe you’ll want to use the money you save to buy everything you want to decorate the room and more. Why not have Refinish First provide a free resurfacing estimate and compare the price to a full remodel?


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