Let Us Help Your Gym Look Like New

How is the locker room at your gym? Is it out of date and tired? Please tell the management about Refinish First.

Often gym owners and managers have so much on their minds that bathroom remodels are not on the top of the list. In fact, when they walk in the bathrooms, they might be distracted enough that they don’t even notice the broken tiles they walked over or cracked counters where they washed their hands. This is where you can help.

In this case, please let the owners know Refinish First can come in and refinish ceramic tile, laminate, Formica, Corian, Silestone and cultured marbled surfaces. Most surfaces can have their life extended with resurfacing.  In addition to extending the life and improving appearance, the new surface will be much more resilient to constant use. It is a great return on investment. Refinishing costs less than new construction, but provides a result that is as good as new.

At Refinish First we know many people do not pursue remodels because of the time and expense involved. But there are more reasons to choose Refinish First. We always cost less than normal remodeling projects because no demolition is involved. We typically repair and rebuild. As a result, less material is needed, which means it is less expensive. In addition to costing less than a full remodeling project, it is much faster. If it is a big enough project, additional staff are put on the job so that it can be completed quickly. We know time is money and want to and keep the business running as smoothly as possible during the refinishing process.

The best reason to update the gym is the fresh feeling it gives to the entire facility. Resurfacing injects spaces with a newness that everyone will enjoy. New, clean and bright are always in style. Let Refinish First know if your gym is a candidate for an update. We appreciate your referrals.


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