Great Kitchen Lighting

Like so many elements in the kitchen, lighting gives you one more way to express yourself. Lighting certainly is great for providing overall lighting for general needs and providing specific task lighting.

Do you have a large light smack in the middle of the kitchen ceiling? Do you like it? This light provides broad exposure that gives some light to every part of the kitchen. Some people might even call it ambient light because it is the light that exists in the situation or space that fills in where task lighting doesn’t exist.

Here are few examples of interesting main ceiling flush mount lights:



Usually, there are areas that need task or decorative lighting. Do you have a spot light over the kitchen sink? Great for dirty dishes. Or do you have under cabinet lighting? This lighting provides a wonderful option to shed more light while you’re chopping, cleaning and organizing.

Another decorative consideration comes where you have an island, whether attached or sticking out from the wall. This often is an eating area that can be used for interesting lighting. It might be accomplished with spot lights, a track or with wonderful pendants. The choices are endless. Here are a few pendant examples:




Deciding your style and budget will help you make confident lighting decisions. Considering existing elements will help with overall cohesion or juxtaposition. Have fun picking out new lighting!


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