Use your Russian doll collection to decorate the Kitchen

Labeling a decorating style isn’t easy. It forces the question, “what is my decorating style?” The idea behind determining your decorating style is to make it easier for you to create the overall atmosphere you desire. Often this means, envisioning the final result that reflects your personality and interests. It can be challenging and expensive to undo things, so it is better to take your time making the right decisions that will work with all the elements you hope to include.

Picture your ideal living situation. Do you imagine yourself in a remodeled warehouse in an upscale urban environment, or would you want to be near the seashore, or perhaps a southwestern motif seems perfect? Whatever you really want will inform your decorating preferences. Someone wanting to live in a southern France villa is going to decorate very differently from the person preferring a western ranch style.

What furniture have you already purchased and really like? Did you get a dresser at a yard sale and refinish it into something you love? Or are you surrounded by hand-me-downs you have been given and are purely utilitarian? If budget didn’t matter, do you know what furniture you would choose? Furniture preferences give a strong indication of decorating style. The advantage to knowing if there is a label to what you find interesting, is it can help you with finding additional décor items that work nicely with those furnishings. For example, if you like craftsman style furniture, it is very easy to add lighting, faucets and hardware that are of the same period and design, which adds to the overall appearance. It is a great way to pull many details together.

Having said this, if you like wicker chairs with mid-century modern lamps and saber tooth tiger throw rugs, you fall into what is called eclectic. Most of us don’t have the exotic throw rugs, but fall into this category, which just means everything goes. The bottom line here is not to worry about making all the elements blend together seamlessly but to choose what you like.

Since we are discussing what defines your style, let’s talk about who you entertain? Are you president of the PTA, mom to everyone, have your priest over for Sunday supper or prefer being by yourself? Are you someone who has large buffet dinners that show off your china? If so, you might want to choose some of your finish colors, like your countertop, to work nicely with the china. If you don’t care about the food you serve, but want a sleek and modern looking kitchen, then you know a bit about your decorating style and can refinish accordingly.

Do you like a certain type of artwork? Do you have a collection that you want to include in your decor? This is a great opportunity to think about the texture and color combinations of objects and finishes. Take your time determining what combination you want to spend time with. Also, consider if you want your counter to function as a part of your décor or to play a supporting role for displaying objects. Do you have a collection of Chinese ceramic canisters or Russian dolls that function as sugar bowls that you want to have on your kitchen counter? If so, what sort of counter would work nicely with such things?

Contact Refinish First to help you with planning the perfect counter and floor refinish to express your style.


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